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10 Best Home Remedies to Treat Piles – Natural Treatment

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The swollen blood vessels in the anus are called hemorrhoids, or piles. As piles are so widespread, over 50% of adults have experienced certain symptoms of piles before turning 50. The primary symptom of piles is painless bleeding that eventually results in the protrusion of a mass during defecation that goes inside on its own or requires pushing back. You can start by trying some home treatments, which help manage them. As one of the primary causes of piles, some of these are only meant to cure constipation, while rest of the home remedies for piles are shared below:

1. Consuming Fiber-Rich Food Items

Fruits, green vegetables, whole grains and salads can increase fiber quantity in your body. Such fibers can enhance the size of the stool by retaining water and enabling in passing the stool out of the anal canal easily. Eating a high quantity of fiber would not make the person strain in the toilet any further.

2. Drinking Enough Water, Fruit Juices and Caffeine-Free Beverages

Increasing the consumption of clean and soft water is essential to stimulate the process of defecation easily. Avoid drinking water high in iron or any other mineral which may harden the stool faster.  Drinking fruit juices will enhance the quantity of water in the stool, thereby softening the stool and easing in passing the stool. It is further advisable to minimize the consumption of tea and coffee which are high in caffeine. Caffeine always tends to dehydrate the body and that leads to straining or pressure to eliminate the stool.

3. Consuming Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

On a daily basis, drinking water before eating anything in the morning will facilitate unexpected health benefits apart from easing bowel movement. It removes the toxins from the body and prevent any further weight gain.

4. Drinking Lukewarm Milk Before Going to Bed

Even though milk may not have fiber, its rich creamy layer and long liquid can stimulate the digestive tract to break the food into fragments, shift the nutrients to different parts of the body and soften the solid wastes and smoothen the passage of the anal canal for easy evacuation. You can also add milk products like butter, ghee and cream in your regular diet which would aid in the softening of stool.

5. Buttermilk

A high quantity of lactic acid in buttermilk helps in altering blockage in the gut or low abdomen and releasing the stool smoothly. However, you should avoid taking buttermilk because it may increase the chances of acidity.

6. Use of Triphala for bowel evacuation

It is of utmost importance for a person’s physical health development. Its importance has been explained in the Ayurvedic scriptures related to how it helps in cleansing the stomach and causing contraction of the intestines to release stool easily. It is made from herbs like Amla, Bhibitaki and Haritaki. You can take 4 gms of Triphala with hot water every night before you go to bed. It will regulate your bowel movement and stimulate in softening of stool.

7. Saunth with Jaggery

Suffering from constipation and piles are the results of extreme dryness in the body. We do not notice what is right for our digestive system. We are more into drinking caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and even cold drinks. Such beverages often tend to dehydrate our bodies and cause the hardening of stool. Eating jaggery will act in the process of moisturizing the inner areas of the digestive system, softening the stool and easing the anal passage. You can combine dry ginger with jaggery for faster relief from constipation, piles or any form of gastrointestinal problem.

8. Isabgol

Consumption of Isabgol regularly will make over for the poor fiber diet. It will absorb and retain water and cause stool size to increase and that can enable to evacuate the stool easily. Dr.Piles Free has Isabgol apart from pain relieving and anti-inflammatory are Mulethi, Panch Lavan, Gulab, Harar and many more. It is clinically tested effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles Care.There is no complaint of side effects whoever used this Ayurvedic pack of capsules, powder and oil.

9. Do Not Control the Urge to Go to the Toilet

Neglecting or putting off the urges will dry up and harden the stool. And also without feeling a proper urge, sitting in the toilet for a longer time should be avoided. Because a little later, you will be straining and that can further do the worse to your hemorrhoid condition or simply enhance the swelling.

10. Avoid Sitting for a Long Time on The Toilet Seat or Anywhere 

A long duration of time spent sitting on a toilet seat might lead to blood clotting in hemorrhoid blood vessels. If you are not able to defecate further then you should sit any long longer on the toilet seat. Do not extend your time reading newspaper or checking your phone while sitting on the toilet seat. You are required to break such habits which are destroying your health.


Hemorrhoids, or piles, are swollen blood vessels in the anus, affecting over 50% of adults before turning 50. Home treatments include fiber-rich food, water, fruit juices, caffeine-free beverages, warm water, lukewarm milk, buttermilk, Triphala, saunth, and Isabgol. Avoiding overeating and prolonged sitting on the toilet can also help manage piles and improve overall health.

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