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Franchising a Business for Your Local Childcare Centre? Here’re Tips from Experts

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Wondering how can you expand your local childcare across the nation? Well, there’re plenty of ways to do so. But franchising a business will be the best way to expand your brand nationwide. Franchising allows other childcare businesses to run under your brand name and offer the services of your childcare brand. Thus, it can help you expand your brand throughout Australia.

But before you franchise your local childcare brand, you must consider a few things beforehand.

Franchising seems easy, as it’s all about allowing others to run their businesses under your brand, right? Well, let us tell you that it’s more than that.

Just because you decided to franchise your childcare, doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful. Not all franchises become successful. As per data, the rate of franchise failure is as low as 20% while as high as 50%. Thus, it’s a must to ensure that you’re doing it in the right way to become a successful franchisor.

Wondering what you should consider before franchising your local childcare centre?

Well, let’s dive into the following blog post to learn more about franchising a childcare centre in Australia.

How to franchise your local childcare centre?

Franchising is one of the best ways to expand a local business across the country.

Be it your childcare brand or something else, franchising works pretty well for almost all business niches.

All you’ll have to do is consider the following,

1. Consider the money you’ve got beforehand. Though it’d be your franchisees who’ll do all the investments in your childcare franchises, you’ll still need some for franchisees’ training and legal documentation processes.

2. As per reports, the Australian market of childcare is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.55% between 2024 – 2028. Hence, you should consider the popularity of your childcare brand within and outside of your local community beforehand.

3. Revenue plays a vital role in franchising a brand. If the revenue of your business isn’t that lucrative, it’d be tough to get any potential franchisees. Though data shows that, the baby and childcare market in Australia is expected to generate revenue of up to USD 651 million in 2024, you must consider the revenue of your brand beforehand.

4. Preparing legal documents such as FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and FA (Franchise Agreement) is vital before selling your franchise units to anyone. Be sure to prepare them with a professional franchise lawyer and check if they include all the vital details of your childcare business model.

5. Last but not least, ensure to find the right franchisees for your childcare franchise models to ensure the success of your franchises.

How to attract the right franchisees for your childcare franchises?

One of the most vital parts of franchising your local childcare brand is to find the right franchisees.

Not all interested people can’t be the potential ones and thus, you should follow the below tips from experts to attract the right ones,

1. Ensure that the person you’re hiring has prior or relevant experience in running a childcare brand or working in it. Hiring a friend/family can also be a good idea, but ensure that they have the potential to become a childcare franchisee.

2. Offering online or in-person franchisee training programs is one of the best ways to attract the right franchisees for your brand.

3. Including your franchisees in your in-house marketing campaign can also be helpful, as it’ll help them market your franchise units better.

4. Introducing your franchisees to local suppliers can also help you find the potential people for your childcare franchises. It will not only help you save on bulk orders but also help your franchisees earn more revenue.

5. Preparing an OM (Operation Manual) for your franchisees will be helpful to attract the right people for your franchise model. Having all the details about your business model and process, it can help your franchisees learn about your brand and business operation better.


Wondering how can you expand your local childcare business across Australia? Well, franchising a business can be the right way to do so. We hope this blog post can help you successfully franchise your brand.

Author Bio: The Author is a skilled franchise consultant. For years, he’s guided many people on franchising a business nationwide. Also, he’s written many articles and blogs on the same.

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