A Complete Guide to Study Abroad in Dubai | UAE 2024

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Are you looking for a place which is full of modernity, diversity and opportunities? Well, many people visit Dubai for a vacation, where they experience some of the world’s best adventures and sights like no other. There is no doubt that Dubai is now on almost every traveler’s list of places.

However, tourism is not only what Dubai is for. In recent years, the city has welcomed hundreds and thousands of international students. With top-notch teaching strategies and work opportunities, studying in Dubai is now many students’ dreams. In this blog, you will find a complete guide on studying abroad in Dubai in 2024. 

Universities in Dubai  More than 65 Universities, including international branches 
Academic Intake  September to May 
Popular Courses  Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Business 
Tuition Fee  AED 60,000 (for private universities) AED 40,000 (for public) 
Cost of Living  AED 6,000/- to AED 10,000/- monthly (approx.) 
English Language Requirements  IELTS, TOEFL 
Admission Requirements  Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, High School Diploma, Test Scares.  


Why choose Dubai? 

Dubai in UAE is home to some of the best universities in the world. Whether you are an international student or not, there are multiple benefits that you can enjoy when studying in Dubai. Given below are some benefits that study abroad Dubai programs offer to international students:  

  • The visa policies are generous and allow students to work part-time in the city.  
  • The policy can also allow students to extend their stay even after the completion of their degree. 
  • If the student is exceptionally talented, long-term residency may also be an option for the student. 
  • The city offers a high standard of living, since the city is full of adventures, uniqueness and things to do.  
  • Students can enjoy thriving nightlife and get the opportunity to network with people from diverse cultures. 
  • There are ample growth and developmental opportunities for students here.  
  • If you are looking forward to working in a challenging yet rewarding environment, then Dubai is the ideal city for you.  

Universities in Dubai 

There are numerous reputable universities in Dubai, both local and international ones. The languages in these universities are inclusive of both, Arabic and English. Hence, international students don’t need to worry about any language barrier before moving here.
Some local universities in Dubai are: 

  • University of Dubai 
  • Institute of Management Technology in Dubai 
  • Zayed University 
  • The Dubai Medical College for Girls 
  • Dubai School of Dental Medicine 

Some international universities in Dubai are: 

  • Middlesex University, Dubai 
  • American University in Dubai 
  • Strathclyde Business School, Dubai 
  • Hult International Business School 
  • University of Wollongong, Dubai 

How to apply for Dubai Student Visa? 

Applying for a student Visa is easy and involves just a few simple steps. However, the process depends on the university you have chosen, and your nationality. Find the steps below to apply: 

  • Carefully gather all the documents needed for student visa application. 
  • If the university portal has a visa application, then apply from there. 
  • Or else, visit the nearest visa center around you.  
  • Check all the information on documents and forms, and then submit it successfully. 
  • Pay the fees, if required. 
  • Depending on your nationality, check whether you need to go through any medical checkups. 
  • Allow the authorities sometime and collect your Visa once it’s ready.  

What are the admission requirements? 

The requirements for admission in any university in Dubai will majorly depend on the course you have chosen, and the university. However, some general requirements are: 

  • Passport and Student Visa which is valid. 
  • High School degree or diploma, that matches the criteria of GPA of your chosen university. 
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores to prove English Proficiency. 
  • Any other documents, such as personal statement, letter of recommendation, entrance test, and any other.   
  • However, these majorly depend on the university and the course you have chosen. 

Student Accommodation in Dubai 

There are ample options for everyone looking for student accommodation Dubai. The properties are fully furnished, and especially designed to meet student needs. The accommodations come with various amenities and utilities, that students can use for their daily needs. These include gym, laundry services, Wi-Fi, TV and shared spaces.  

Both shared housing and private apartment options are available in Dubai. Students can choose the one that best suits them and their requirements. All the accommodation is in perfect areas, that are close to various universities, and has everything just around the corner. Whether it’s shopping arenas, entertainment units, restaurants, and more, you can find them all around your student accommodation Dubai.  


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