A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Flutter Code Push with Shorebird

To provide consumers with a smooth experience, it is essential to ensure that mobile applications are kept up to date with the most recent features and bug patches. The traditional method of updating an application, on the other hand, can be a time-consuming and onerous process for both the developers and the users. Flutter Code Push with Shorebird provides a solution by enabling over-the-air updates for Flutter applications. This enables developers to push updates directly to the devices of users, eliminating the need for users to download a new version from the app store. In this tutorial, we will take you step-by-step through the process of configuring Flutter Code Push with Shorebird. This will make it much simpler than ever before to ensure that your Flutter applications are always up to date.

1. Acquiring Knowledge of the Flutter Code Push:

The Flutter Code Push feature is a function that is offered by Microsoft’s App Center. It enables developers to push updates to Flutter applications without having to go through the process of updating the app store by themselves. When developers use Flutter Code Push, they can release changes instantaneously, which reduces the amount of time it takes to bring bug fixes and feature additions to the market. Shorebird is a tool that streamlines the process of integrating Flutter Code Push into Flutter applications, making it so that developers of any level of expertise can use it regardless of their level of expertise.

2. Necessary conditions:

You must have the following prerequisites in place before you attempt to set up Flutter Code Push with Shorebird:

  • An existing Flutter project: If you wish to enable Code Push for an existing Flutter project, you should have that project already created.
  • A user account for the Microsoft App Center: If you have not previously done so, visit the Microsoft App Center and create a free account.
  • It is recommended that you install the Shorebird package in your Flutter project by utilizing the pub. dev command.

3. Configuring the Microsoft App Center:

The first thing you need to do is configure your project in the Microsoft Mobile App Center:

To create a new app for your Flutter project, you will need to log in to your Microsoft App Center account and create a new mobile application. Once your app has been built, you will need to go to the settings area to receive the App Secret. To authenticate your application with Microsoft App Center, this secret key will be utilized.

4. Including Shorebird in the Flutter Programming Project:

Next, include Shorebird in the Flutter project you are working on:

Include the Shorebird package in your pubspec.yaml file, and then execute Flutter Pub to install it. This will complete the installation of the Shorebird package. Make sure that the main. dart file has the initialization of Shorebird, and then provides the App Secret that you acquired from the Microsoft App.

5. The configuration of the code push:

In your Flutter project, you should now configure Code Push as follows:

Establish Code Push deployment: To establish Code Push deployment for your application, you must first follow the guidelines that are supplied by Microsoft App Center. It is necessary to generate deployment keys for various release channels, such as production and staging, to accomplish this.
Create release channels: Create release channels in your Flutter project so that you can control which changes are distributed to which users throughout the deployment process. As an illustration, you can consider having a production channel for stable releases and a beta channel for testing purposes.

6. Putting Updates Into Rollout:

You will be able to begin distributing changes to your Flutter app once everything has been set up accordingly:

Generate an update package: To deploy the changes that you want to implement, you must first generate an update package. This may involve the elimination of bugs, the addition of new features, or enhancements to performance.
Upload update package: To upload the update package to Microsoft App Center, you can either use the command line interface at App Center or the dashboard.
Distribute updates: Before distributing updates to your users, you must first identify the release channels that you want to use. When users start the application again, they will be able to automatically receive the updates by default.

7. Monitoring and Identifying Technical Issues:

Keep an eye on how well your updates are doing and get to the bottom of any problems that may crop up:

Keep an eye on the deployment status: To guarantee that customers receive their updates promptly, it is important to keep an eye on the deployment progress in the Microsoft App Center.
Conduct a crash and error analysis: You can identify and fix problems in your application by utilizing the analytics and crash reporting services that are available in the Microsoft App Center.
If it is no longer necessary: If you encounter significant problems, you can use Microsoft App Center to roll back updates and revert to an earlier version of your application.

8. The Excellent Methods:

Ensure that your experience with Flutter Code Push and Shorebird goes as smoothly as possible by adhering to the following recommended practices:

Perform exhaustive testing on updates before deploying them to guarantee that they are stable and free of any bugs.  Users should be informed about any new updates and encouraged to install them to have the best possible experience with the app. It is important to ensure the safety of sensitive data by adhering to the best practices for security when releasing updates. Maintain current knowledge of the most recent releases of Flutter and Code Push to take advantage of newly added features and enhancements.


When it comes to updating Flutter applications, Flutter Code Push with Shorebird provides a straightforward alternative that eliminates the need to go through the conventional procedure of updating their app store. If you follow the steps that are explained By mobile app development dubai, you will be able to set up Flutter Code Push with Shorebird in your Flutter project and begin distributing updates to your users rapidly and effectively. Using Flutter Code Push and Shorebird, you can streamline the process of updating your Flutter applications and ensure that they are always up to date.


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