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ADWhatsApp APK Download (Anti Ban) Latest Version 2023

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ADWhatsApp APK can make your WhatsApp experience much better and more enjoyable. This app gives you more control over your messages. It has lots of privacy options and you can also change how it looks.

App Name ADWhatsApp Apk
Latest Version 10.74
Size 46 MB
Developed By Ahmed2iad
Platform Android
Requirement 4.5 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10+ Million
Root Required? No
Price FREE
Rating (4.6/5) 492327 Votes

One cool thing about ADWhatsApp APK is that it has different themes. You can pick from many options and change how the whole app looks or just some parts of it. So, you can make it look how you like it from changing the emojis to how the message box looks.

If you want to make your messaging even more special then you can change the name of WhatsApp in the header to your own name. Also, there are lots of themes to pick from in the app’s theme store.

Another fun thing in ADWhatsApp APK is the voice changer. You can record voice messages and make them sound different for some extra fun.

When you get ADWhatsApp APK, your daily messaging will be much more fun. This app turns your WhatsApp into a place for entertainment with everything in one spot. Many people trust this app because it’s easy to use and safe to install. You can use it on different devices like computers, tablets, and Android phones thanks to its strong foundation and the work of Fouad.

Nasser is the person who made this app and they put a lot of effort into making it look good and have awesome features. With ADWhatsApp APK, you can connect with people all around the world using fast servers. You can make calls, send texts, and share videos easily. So, go ahead and download AD WhatsApp now to enjoy a whole new level of socializing.

ADWhatsapp APK Download

Let’s download the AdWhatsapp latest version now by pressing below download button and enjoy.

What is ADWhatsApp APK?

You probably know about WhatsApp, the messaging app that many people use. But have you heard of ADWhatsApp APK? It’s like a different version of WhatsApp that a lot of people are using. You should definitely check it out and see what cool things it can do. AD WhatsApp APK is a special version of WhatsApp that lets you have more control over your chats.

This app has some amazing features that regular WhatsApp doesn’t have and you can even change how it looks.

Features of ADWhatsApp APK 2023

  1. Use the app in different languages.
  2. Schedule messages and set up automatic replies.
  3. Stop messages from being forwarded.
  4. Use trendy stickers in AD WhatsApp v9.20.
  5. Set up automatic replies with a swipe.
  6. Get cool and unique themes.
  7. Hide your chats and calls.
  8. Customize the color and style of the main menu.
  9. Use two different accounts on one app.
  10. Make the app look the way you want.
  11. Make it so people can’t see when you were last online.
  12. Do more with groups and exchanges.
  13. Keep your chats safe with the Ban Proof feature.
  14. Hide your modes for more privacy.

So, ADWhatsApp APK has lots of cool things that you should try out. Give it a go and see how it makes your messaging experience better.

Tips To Optimize User Experience

Backup Your ADWhatsApp APK Data:

This feature allows you to back up your WhatsApp data either locally on your device or on an online server. It’s especially handy when you’re updating ADWhatsApp APK to the latest version. After the update, you can easily restore all your data. To use these excellent backup features, simply install ADWhatsApp APK from

Turn off the Messaging Forward option

You can use this option to stop messages from being sent to other people. This helps prevent false information from spreading.

Automatic Replies with Swipe

You can set up automatic responses to messages and quickly reply by swiping. It’s handy for when you’re busy.

Hide Chat and Call

You can hide your chat and call options for more privacy.

Freeze Your “Last Seen” Status:

You can freeze the “Last Seen” status so others can’t see when you were last online which gives you more privacy.

Home Screen Styles:

These apps offer various styles for your home screen that you can customize to your liking. You have plenty of options to make your home screen unique with different styles.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts:

You can use two separate WhatsApp accounts on one device by just downloading the AD WhatsApp APK, which is great for keeping personal and work accounts separate.

Customize the Menu:

You can change the color and style of the main menu to make it look the way you want.

Download Unique Themes:

You can get cool and customized themes to make your app look unique.

Trendy Stickers:

You can use trendy stickers to express your feelings in chats.


ADWhatsApp APK is designed to avoid getting banned for using modified versions which ensures your safety.

Auto-Reply and Scheduling:

You can set up auto-replies and schedule messages, especially helpful if you can’t reply right away.

Privacy Features:

This application offers several features to enhance your privacy. You can hide when you were last seen by your contacts and there’s an option to view status and videos without limits. You can also control how messages are forwarded, enabling or disabling it as needed.

Hide Modes:

You can hide your online and typing status for more privacy.

Expand Groups and Exchanges:

You can communicate with more people by expanding your group and exchanging options.

Customize the App’s Appearance:

You can change how the app looks by customizing colors, fonts, and other design elements.

Use Different Languages:

You can use the app in various languages which makes it accessible to people worldwide. You might also want to check out GBWhatsApp Pro APK.


Upgrade your WhatsApp experience with ADWhatsApp APK, a feature-rich version that offers better customization and user-friendly features. This MOD version supports the smooth sharing of audio, videos, and files, thanks to its custom servers and programming. Make your messaging experience more enjoyable with this powerful MOD version that surpasses the standard WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ADWhatsApp APK an alternative to Adam WhatsApp?

Yes, ADWhatsApp APK is a good replacement for Adam WhatsApp because it includes all the properties and features of Adam WhatsApp and they’ve even added some extra features to make it look better.

Is ADWhatsApp APK free to download?

Yes, you can download this ADWhatsApp APk for free from this webpage and install it on your device at no cost.

Is it safe to install ADWhatsApp APK?

Absolutely, ADWhatsApp APK is a completely secure application with strong protection measures. You can safely use and install the AD WhatsApp APK without any worries.

Is it necessary to root my Android phone to put Adam WhatsApp on it?

No, you don’t have to root your Android phone to install Adam WhatsApp.


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