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Automatic driving lessons in Coventry | Just Pass UK

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Just Pass School of Motoring provides the opportunity to get premium Automatic driving lessons to people living in Warwickshire and the wider West Midlands. We have been serving the community since 2006. Our belief in accessible learning for all makes us committed to offering automatic car driving lessons at affordable prices. We are here to help you in passing your driving test and in this mission, our skilled automatic car instructors stand with us. Do not worry! whether you are new to driving, looking for intensive driving lessons to get your driver’s license quickly, or just want to polish your skills, we are always here to guide you from your first lesson to the last driving lesson of your course.

Why are we choosing automatic car driving lessons over manual driving lessons?

Necessity in a city like Coventry

Coventry is a busy city. We are not forcing you to choose automatic car lessons over manual lessons, but upon consideration, automatic driving is more convenient than manual driving, especially for females. Automatic cars eliminate the need for frequent manual gear shifts; you simply have to focus on the road, especially in heavy traffic when there are more chances to panic. This simple driving experience not only reduces physical exertion but mental stress as well, making it an appealing option for those who have to drive long distances daily. 

Learning to drive an automatic car 

This is a fact and everyone accepts the reality that automatic cars are easier to drive than manual cars. The straightforward operations of automatic cars make them convenient to learn. They are simple to operate, which also enhances their safety, particularly on hilly terrain and in heavy traffic. Mastering the skills needed to drive an automatic car is typically quicker and easier compared to learning with a manual car. In an automatic car, the learner only needs to focus on three things: good control over steering, brake, and accelerator. There’s no need to learn how to coordinate between the clutch and gear shifts since automatic cars handle gear changes automatically when the driver adjusts the car’s speed. 

Here are the benefits you’ll gain by taking automatic car lessons: 

If you choose to learn an Automatic driving lesson coventry, you will get several benefits. Firstly it will enhance your overall driving experience and it will also accelerate your learning journey. You will learn to drive in a shorter time as compared to a manual. Soon you will get your driver’s license if you are a new driver. Your life will be at ease if you consider these: 1. Independence: You will drive your car, which will grant you the freedom to travel alone whenever you want without depending on others or traveling on public transport. 2. Versatility: Your versatility increases as a driver, If you are already a driver of a manual car and you learned to drive an automatic also, this will give you more options when you choose a vehicle. 3. Skill Mastery: Learning manual driving means deeply understanding a lot of aspects of manual driving such as clutch control, gear shifting, accelerator, and brake control. Manual car driving is not as easy as automatic driving, you no longer need to understand the technical aspects of a car, to drive an automatic car you should have good control over the steering wheel, you should have road sense, and know all the traffic rules and regulations. 4. Enjoyment of Driving: Many people enjoy stress-free driving of an automatic car because they don’t need to engage in the technicalities of a car; shifting gears manually rather they enjoy the road and their journey more. 

Automatic driving is not as easy as a skilled automatic driving 

The instructor makes it out to be A good driving instructor’s job to facilitate learning for their students. Our instructors are trained well to teach you. They know how to build a strong foundation for driving. Every single instructor in our team is DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Certified, they meet the criteria for professionalism and competence set by the agency. A good driver doesn’t need to also be a good driving instructor. To be a good driving instructor, one must have driving instructor training. We hire our Automatic car instructor based on their qualifications and certification so that we can ensure that they will pass your driving test. Moreover, a friendly and comfortable environment is critical for learning so we hire trainers with cool nerves. They not only provide you with a stress-free learning environment but also support you and encourage you at every step of your driving journey, ensuring your learning excellence. 

You will be satisfied with our Affordable Automatic Driving Lessons

If you have tension that your automatic driving lessons are costing you a lot of money, then you will not be able to take stress-free driving lessons and such lessons will not be of any use to you because you will always be in stress. Keeping this in view, Just Pass School of Motoring is offering you automatic driving lessons at a very affordable price, ensuring that you complete your learning journey with a relaxed mind.

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