10 Best Places to Live in Leeds

Complete Guide: 10 Best Places to Live in Leeds in 2024

Leeds is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Here you can find endless opportunities and countless showstopping events that take place every year. It is really easy to understand why more people are searching for Leeds to call home. The Terry Frost Building is one of the best accommodations. If you want to look more then here are the 10 best places to stay in Leeds in the year 2024:

1. Horsforth:

Horsforth ranks highly on any list when I refer to the top-notch places to stay in Leeds. Between Horsforth Town Street and the New Road Side, you can find different types of bars, restaurants, and supermarkets. There is also a plethora of independent and chain businesses. Here you can find a wide range of places on offer which makes this city perfect for different families as well as young professionals alike. Here you can come across some of the best private student accommodation in Leeds. 

2. Chapel Allerton:

Chapel Allerton creates some amazing buzz despite being just a short drive away from the city centre. Here you can come across some of the best bars, restaurants, and events. This place has become one of the best sports for young professionals and families. This area of Leeds is renowned for its wide range of independent shops, bars, and more. these small local businesses are what provide Chapel Allerton with its community feel.

3. Bramhope:

Despite being a little further afield, 9 miles North of the city centre, Bramhope is one of the most sought-after locations across Leeds. it is recognized as one of the pricier postcodes across the city. With Golden Acre Park which is situated on the approach and the resident Memorial Hall which is home to the tennis court, badminton court and more.

4. Roundhay:

Renowned for its 700-acre park that attracts locals, visitors, and events across the year, the suburb of Roundhay certainly has to offer. the benefits from a host of independent amenities and if you cannot find what you are after the city centre is around 5 minute’s drive away. If you go to Street Lane, it is one of the best spots for locals who want to avoid the city centre and enjoy some retail therapy. In this location too, you can find some amazing student housing in Leeds.

5. Headingley:

Headingley is not just catered to the student market as some of the onlookers can assume. The area’s main road, Otley Road is filled with a wide range of cafes, pubs, and restaurants. This makes it one of the best aspects of Headingley that competes even with the city centre. It is this blend of quiet streets as well as a lively centre that makes this place the perfect area in which you can have the opportunity to set your own pace.

6. Otley:

With 17 pubs in this neighbourhood alone, this place attracts many students. you will not be short of things to do or see in this city. However, do not be fooled by Otley’s traditional tendencies, the town is home to a wide range of new bars and cafes which can add to the town’s attraction. It is one of the best places to find Leeds student accommodation.

7. Meanwood:

The newest area is Meanwood. It has surely lived up to one’s prospects. Meanwood has quite rightly become one of the best places for young professionals and families. Meanwood not only has some of the independent bars but also some of the best walking trails. Here you can find some of the best student apartments in Leeds.

8. Alwoodley:

Bordering Roundhay and Moortown is a suburban area. This place is described as one of the most peaceful places where you can find greenery that steals most of the landscape.

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9. Farsley:

It is a small town of Farsley in Pudsey located 6 miles from the Leeds city centre. Over the recent years, this city has become increasingly popular with young professionals due to its affordable house prices and also a good rental market. They have a wide range of pubs and restaurants which you can find near Pudsey which have larger supermarkets.

10. Calverley:

Calverley is a small place but it has a lot to offer in terms of houses, location as well as desirability. Location outside of Horsforth, the surrounding of this place is nothing short of beautiful with some acres of greenery to enjoy.


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