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Digital India Portal: What is the Aadhar pay?

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Aadhar Pay is a way to pay for things in India using your fingerprint and Aadhaar card instead of cash, debit card, or credit card. It is like a cashless option which is extremely secure as it uses your fingerprint.

Digital India Portal enables merchants to receive digital payments from customers over the counter through Aadhaar authentication with Aadhaar Pay. It allows any merchant associated with any acquiring bank to accept payments from customers of any bank by authenticating the customer’s biometrics.

To implement the Digital India Portal Aadhar Pay service, the merchant must have an Android mobile or any supported device and a certified biometric scanner connected to the mobile phone/kiosk/tablet on a USB port or micro-ATM/POS. MPOS. The Aadhaar of both the customer and the merchant should be linked to their bank account.


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