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Free Fire MOD APK 2.100.1 (Unlimited Diamonds, Money)

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A popular action game Free Fire MOD APK is a really cool action shooting game that’s similar to PUBG. It’s a game you can play on your mobile and it’s totally free. The folks at Garena made it and it came out on December 4, 2017 for both iOS and Android devices. The MOD version of Free Fire is an exciting first-person shooter game that has both single player and multiplayer modes. In this article, we’ll hook you up with the MOD version of Free Fire for downloading and we’ll also give you the scoop on what the game has to offer. In the single player mode, you get to be one of four different characters. They’re all trying to take over an enemy stronghold. Your goal is to survive through a bunch of waves of enemies while grabbing coins and unlocking new weapons and cool gear. The game is all about intense close-up fights and you’ll need quick reflexes to stay alive. Now in the multiplayer mode, you can go up against other players online in one-on-one battles or team matches. You’ve got lots of maps, weapons, and ways to play so you can make the game totally your own. Whether you’re looking for a big competition or just want to have a good time with friends, Garena Free Fire is the game for you.

App Name Free Fire
Latest Version 2.100.1
Size 66.47 MB
Developed By Garena International
Platform Android
Requirement 4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds, Health, Money
Price FREE
Rating (4.4/5) 23847 Votes

What is Free Fire MOD APK?

Free Fire MOD APK is a thrilling game where players go head-to-head in intense close-up fights. It’s all about shooting and you get to use lots of different weapons and cool gear. The most exciting part? The multiplayer mode is where you compete to take over important spots on the map. Free Fire MOD APK is a tactical shooter game for Android that brings all the wild action of a siege right to your phone. When you play, you can be either the attacker or the defender in a huge battle for control of a strong place. There are also different ways to play like going solo, teaming up with friends, or checking out how you rank worldwide. Free Fire MOD APK is a fantastic choice for people who love open-world tactical shooters on Android. The MOD version is especially awesome – you don’t need to spend any money to get characters or weapons. You’ll have unlimited diamonds, coins, and money to buy whatever you want in the game. It’s an amazing addition to the world of Android gaming that’s sure to make fans really happy.


Let’s download Free Fire Mod Apk now by pressing below download button and enjoy.

Features of Garena Free Fire MOD APK

Garena Free Fire MOD APK comes packed with awesome features that you can’t get for free in the regular version. You’ll have unlimited diamonds, coins, money, and more resources that put you ahead of other players in the game.

Incredible 3D Graphics

Free Fire MOD APK is a game with super lifelike 3D graphics. It lets you see all the action from every direction. The game looks amazing and the way you shoot feels so real making it a total treat for folks who love first-person shooters. Give the Free Fire MOD APK game a shot today and jump into a world of fierce battles!

Incredible Gaming Experience

In this game, your main goal is to stay alive for as long as you can. You’ll do that by shooting down your enemies until they’re all taken care of. Use the arrow keys to move around the map and hit the spacebar to fire your gun. If you run out of bullets so just click on your weapon to reload. The longer you manage to stay alive so the more points you’ll rack up.

Variety of Weapons and Vehicles

You can blast your enemies using a bunch of different weapons and vehicles. This game is a great way to pass the time when you’re feeling bored or want a little escape from real life. Plus, you can use these weapons to take out other players too. There’s so much to do in this game that you’ll never run out of things to try.

Survive and Shoot

The main goal is to stay alive as long as possible by shooting down enemies and grabbing power-ups. The game has different levels and various types of enemies so you need to be alert all the time. If you’re into challenging shooters that can keep you engaged for hours so must try this game.

The Core Team of Four

In the world of free fire, the four-person squad is super important. These four players form the foundation of the team while the others go for the objective so they provide protective firepower. The squad should have a medic and two assault rifles to bring in both firepower and support for the team. They’re also the ones who can act as scouts making sure no enemies sneak up from behind.

Talk to Your Friends While You Play

The free Fire MOD APK now includes in-game voice chat! This awesome feature lets you talk to your friends while you’re right in the middle of the game. It’s a fantastic way to quickly get assistance or jump into the action when you’re playing with a buddy. It’s really simple to switch between talking and listening modes so you can stay focused on the game without any interruptions. This makes it super easy to get help or join in on the fun when you’re playing alongside someone else.

Create Your Own Character

In this game, you’ve got a bunch of characters to pick from and each one has their own special abilities and strengths. You can make your character your own by deciding which weapons and gear they use and you can even change how they look. There are different ways to play like going through a story mode or playing with others online. In the mod version, you’ll have all the characters available right from the start so here’s what you can customize:

  • Choose the weapons and armor your character will use.
  • Change your character’s appearance with different hairstyles, clothes, and cool extras.
  • Train your character’s skills to make them better in fights.

Play for Free

Free Fire MOD APK is the best game among the many action games you can play for free on mobile devices. If you’re after an addictive game that’s both challenging and offers lots of ways to make it your own so must try this first-person shooter game. In the beginning, players have a basic handgun and a knife but they can discover more powerful weapons as they advance in the game. There are different difficulty levels so players can pick the one that matches their skill level. And if you’re all about making things just right for you so you can also change the time between rounds, adjust how bright or loud things are or even turn off those in-game ads. Free Fire is one of those games you can play for hours without getting tired of it. And since it’s completely free to play so there’s no reason not to give it a shot!

Endless Diamonds

You have an unlimited supply of diamond packs in the Free Fire MOD APK. These can be used to buy things right away or even try your luck in the Luck Royale for better deals.

Unlimited Health

You’ll have endless health with this Free Fire MOD APK so no need to worry about getting hurt or sick. You can heal up fast too so you won’t ever feel stuck or powerless.


If you’re on the hunt for a free and enjoyable game to play on your Android device so don’t look anywhere else and choose Free Fire MOD PK because this speedy shooter is great for passing the time while waiting or sitting in traffic. It’s got lots of cool features that make it even more exciting so go ahead and download the Garena Free Fire MOD APK now and prepare to take on hordes of enemies!


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