Guide to Fighting Latios and Latias: Best Counters & Moves for Pokémon Go

The latest Pokemon Go event, Air Adventures, has finally started! This event brings the first Mega legendary Pokemon to the game, namely Latias and Latios. It’s an exciting opportunity for players to capture these powerful creatures in Pokemon Go. The event is active until May 10th, so make sure to take advantage of this chance before they leave the raid rotation.

Here are some tips on how to defeat and catch Latios and Latias during the event:

Latios & Latias Raid Schedule

From May 3rd to May 10th, you’ll find Mega Latios and Mega Latias available in Mega Raids. On May 4th, there will be a special Raid Hour event in Pokemon Go, giving you even more opportunities to battle and catch these legendary Pokemon. From 6:00 p.m. local time on that day, many gyms will host Mega Latios and Mega Latias raids which provide you with additional chances to challenge and capture them.

Latios and Latias Weaknesses

Both Latios and Latias are psychic/dragon types which means they share the same vulnerabilities. Regardless of their Mega Evolved or standard form so these legendary Pokemon are weak to ice, dark, ghost, bug, fairy, and other dragon types.

Latios and Latias Best Counters

To effectively battle Latios or Latias, you’ll want to use Pokemon with the right moves. Here are some recommended Pokemon and their moves to take on these legendary creatures:

  • Ice:
    • Jynx: Frost Breath, Avalanche
    • Glaceon: Frost Breath, Avalanche
    • Mega Abomasnow: Powder Snow, Weather Ball
    • Mamoswine: Powder Snow, Avalanche
    • Galarian Darmanitan: Ice Fang, Avalanche
  • Dark:
    • Houndoom: Snarl, Crunch
    • Weavile: Snarl, Avalanche
    • Bisharp: Snarl, Dark Pulse
    • Tyranitar: Bite, Crunch
    • Absol: Snarl, Dark Pulse
    • Darkrai: Snarl, Dark Pulse
    • Zoroark: Snarl, Foul Play
  • Ghost:
    • Gengar: Lick, Shadow Ball
    • Origin Forme Giratina: Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball
    • Chandelure: Hex, Shadow Ball
    • Banette: Hex, Shadow Ball
  • Bug:
    • Mega Beedrill: Bug Bite, X-Scissor
    • Escavalier: Bug Bite, Megahorn
    • Genesect: Fury Cutter, X-Scissor
    • Pinsir: Bug Bite, X-Scissor
    • Scizor: Fury Cutter, X-Scissor
  • Fairy:
    • Gardevoir: Charm, Dazzling Gleam
    • Sylveon: Charm, Moonblast
    • Clefable: Charm, Dazzling Gleam
    • Alolan Ninetales: Charm, Dazzling Gleam
    • Granbull: Charm, Play Rough
  • Dragon:
    • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail, Outrage
    • Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage
    • Dragonite: Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor
    • Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage
    • Reshiram: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor

Remember, Mega Latios and Mega Latias are significantly more powerful than their standard forms, so it’s advisable to team up with at least six or seven high-level trainers to take them down.

How to Mega Evolve Latios and Latias

Once you’ve successfully caught one of them, it will revert to its original form. To Mega Evolve Latios or Latias, you’ll need 300 Mega Energy for each of them.

You can earn Mega Energy by defeating a Mega Legendary Pokemon in a raid. Keep battling these Mega Raids until you’ve gathered enough energy to Mega Evolve your Latios or Latias.

Best Moves for Latios and Latias

When you catch a Latios or Latias during the Air Adventures event, they will come with a Charged Attack. Latios will know Luster Purge, and Latias will have Mist Ball—both of which are powerful attacks for these legendary Pokemon. For their Fast Attack, Dragon Breath is an excellent choice to round out their move sets.

It seems that May will be a busy month in Pokemon Go. After Latios and Latias leave raids, Tapu Fini, the island guardian, will make an appearance. Make sure to check out our monthly events roundup for a comprehensive overview of everything happening in the game this May. Enjoy the adventure and good luck capturing these legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go’s Air Adventures event!


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