How can I travel affordably between my accommodation and campus?

How can I travel affordably between my accommodation and campus?

It is very easy to travel to your university campus because of Birmingham’s excellent transit connections. We have routes and deals for you whether you’re traveling here by car, bike, bus, train, or on foot. Here are a few strategies to help you travel affordably to your campus from your Student accommodation in Birmingham. 

Establish a budget 

Make a budget that accounts for significant costs such as accommodation, transportation, and tuition, then set aside any extra money for travel. 

Travel ambitions may be hampered by financial constraints and tight budgets, but the upside is that having an exciting journey doesn’t always entail breaking the bank. A detailed budget will help you to keep a track on your travel expenses. 

Reduce your travel expenses 

While attending university, travel will undoubtedly be one of your largest expenses; however, there are ways to reduce the cost. Get a Railcard if you’re taking a rail trip. A Railcard typically costs around £30 a year, but since you can save 1/3 on train tickets with your card, you’ll quickly recoup your investment. Take the train instead of driving to university to save a third on off-peak fares! 

If the bus is your preferred means of transportation, then get a student bus pass provided by the National Express West Midlands.  

If you commute by car from your Birmingham Student accommodation to the university, you might want to ask other students if they live close by and if they would be willing to carpool. You may save a lot of money on petrol if you discover someone who commutes in the same direction as you! 

Make the most of the student discounts offered 

Get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and look up the discounts that are offered to students in your area to take advantage of discounts on transport, attractions, and services. 

Take part in a tour group 

Joining student travel groups can help you travel safely and affordably by introducing you to like-minded people, offering planned itineraries and group savings on tours and lodging. 

Vehicle sharing 

Why not split the expense of petrol and share a car with someone you know who is also going to the same open day?   

Advice on how to get to BCU for an open day 

Are you coming to university in Birmingham for an Open or another event from a different city? We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable routes from other cities to Birmingham.  

Taking the coach to Birmingham 

Coach travel is among the most affordable ways to get from other places to Birmingham. This can be an excellent approach to attending an Open Day on a tight budget. If you take a National Express coach to a university Open Day, you can save a whopping 30% on your ticket price. 

Megabus has some amazing offers for travel between UK locations. A Megabus coach ticket from London to Birmingham will cost you approximately £5. Using a TOTUM card also entitles you to 10% off on tickets.    

Travel between campuses  

It’s not as difficult as you may expect to go from the City South Campus to the City Centre Campus. In fact, driving can take longer than taking the bus or cycling because of traffic, construction, and finding a parking space. 

Discounts and advantages 

Metro and bus passes for students 

Visit the NX bus website to view the options for one-term, monthly, or four-week bus and metro passes. Alternatively, you can obtain a four-week student bus pass by using the mTicket app. 

Bus portal: Students at BCU have access to the online student travel portal, where they can conveniently organise their itinerary and purchase tickets at discounted student prices. 

Railcards: A year’s worth of rail fares across Britain can be discounted by one-third when you purchase a 16–25 or 26–30 railcard, which only costs £30.

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Termly Student Season Tickets for West Midlands Railway 

With a termly season ticket, students can save up to 50% on transport to their chosen institution, university or school. This is excellent if you take the train on a regular route every day from your Private Student accommodation in Birmingham. For the most recent information, visit the West Midlands Railway website.  

Eco-friendly travel 

As a university, we are dedicated to promoting the use of environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and health-improving forms of transportation. 


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