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How to choose your moisturizer according to skin type

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Moisturizers are not all the same. In this article, we advise you which one is best suited to your needs

Using a good moisturizer is a fundamental step to having beautiful and healthy skin. If applied every day, morning and evening, after cleansing and preparing the skin with tonic and Golden Pearl Skin Serum, it can protect the face from the aggression of external agents, such as wind and smog, as well as being an excellent base for make-up.

Why is it so important to hydrate your face? Because, otherwise, slight dehydration is enough to alter the plasticity and appearance of the skin, a phenomenon that worsens with age: aging causes a series of factors that limit the skin’s ability to retain water, such as thinning of the epidermis, reduction in the activity of the glands that produce sebum, impoverishment of the hydrolipidic film and alteration of elastic fibers and collagen. This is why it is essential to choose a moisturizing product of excellent quality and suitable for your skin type.


Maybe you don’t know that all skin types need a moisturizer, even the oiliest ones. If you have oily skin, you may have used astringent and sebum-absorbing products. Warning: in the long run, they can cause dehydration and trigger a rebound effect: the skin is even more stimulated to produce sebum and the situation worsens. The solution? Choose a moisturizing cream with a light texture, even in gel, without oils or overly nourishing elements that can be heavy.


If you have dry skin, choose a nourishing and hydrating golden pearl cream at the same time, preferably enriched with oils (from olive and almond oil to avocado oil) and natural butter (such as shea butter) to protect it from cracking, especially during the winter season. Opt for rich, full-bodied textures, even balm formulas, if you have very dry and marked skin.


Combination skin has oilier parts, especially in the infamous T-zone, alternating with drier areas in the cheek area. They are often asphyxiated, with dilated pores, and, not infrequently, have a congested appearance. The most suitable moisturizing cream in this case has a fluid texture, not too heavy but with a good “thirst-quenching” power. Focus on hyaluronic acid and lighter oils such as jojoba which has a sebum-regulating effect or rosehip oil which significantly improves the texture of the skin. In summer, prefer sorbet formulas and spray a hydrating mist throughout the day.


Sensitive skin is often fragile, thin, and reddens easily due to the aggression of external agents. The right Beauty cream has a delicate and hypoallergenic formulation and contains soothing active ingredients that help counteract the appearance of redness. Sensitive skin’s best friends? Oats, chamomile, and calendula have a softening effect. Do you have oily and, at the same time, sensitive skin? Try aloe-based products which hydrate, soothe, and do not weigh you down.

When to apply face cream moisturizer?

Applying a face cream moisturizer is particularly important at certain times and circumstances to maximize its benefits.

The ideal time to apply the best moisturizing body cream:

  1. After the Shower or Bath: the skin is more receptive to hydrating products when it is still slightly damp. After showering or bathing, gently pat your skin dry and then apply moisturizer. This will help seal in moisture, making your skin softer and smoother.
  2. Before Bed: During sleep, the skin goes through a regeneration process. Applying a hydrating body cream before bed can help nourish and repair your skin overnight.
  3. In Extreme Weather Conditions: Whether it’s intense cold or hot, dry weather, extreme weather conditions can dehydrate your skin. Using a high-quality moisturizer at these times can protect and restore the skin’s moisture balance.
  4. After Sun Exposure: After a day in the sun, it is essential to rehydrate your skin. A moisturizing body cream can soothe and repair sun-damaged skin, preventing dryness and flaking.
  5. After Exercise: Sweating and showering after working out can strip your skin’s natural oils, making it dry. Applying a moisturizer helps restore lost hydration.

For Dry or Sensitive Skin: If you have naturally dry or sensitive skin, you may need to apply a moisturizer for dry skin several times a day to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable.

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