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How to Easily Order Tasty Meals During Your Train Ride

Traveling by train can be a delightful experience, offering scenic views, relaxation, and a chance to unwind. However, one of the common challenges faced by train travelers is finding quality food during the journey. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, online food order in train has become a hassle-free process. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods and tips for ensuring you enjoy delicious meals on your train ride.

The Evolution of Train Food

Traditionally, train food was limited to what was available in the pantry car or at station stops. While some stations are renowned for their local delicacies, the overall quality and variety of food on trains have often left much to be desired. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has made significant strides in improving the food in train experience by partnering with various vendors and introducing online food ordering services.

Benefits of Ordering Food Online in Train


The primary advantage of online food order in train is convenience. Passengers can browse through menus, place orders, and have food delivered right to their seat without the need to navigate crowded platforms or wait in long queues.


Online platforms offer a wide range of cuisines to choose from, including regional specialties, fast food, and healthier options. This ensures that travelers can enjoy their preferred meals, regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions.

Quality and Hygiene

Reputable online food delivery services prioritize quality and hygiene. They collaborate with certified restaurants and follow strict standards to ensure that the food served is fresh and safe to consume.

How to Order Food in Train: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choose a Reliable Food Delivery Service

Several online platforms cater specifically to train travelers. Popular options include IRCTC’s eCatering service, as well as third-party services like RailRestro, TravelKhana, and Yatri Bhojan. It’s essential to choose a service with good reviews and a wide network of restaurant partners.

2. Enter Your Travel Details

Once you’ve chosen a platform, enter your travel details, including the train number, date of journey, and boarding station. This information helps the service determine the stations where food can be delivered.

3. Browse the Menu

After entering your travel details, you’ll be presented with a list of available restaurants and menus at various stations along your route. Take your time to browse through the options and select the meals that appeal to you.

4. Place Your Order

Once you’ve made your selection, proceed to place your order. You’ll need to provide your seat number, coach, and contact information to ensure accurate delivery. Most platforms accept multiple payment methods, including cash on delivery, debit/credit cards, and digital wallets.

5. Track Your Order

After placing your order, you can track its status in real-time. You’ll receive updates on the preparation and delivery of your meal, ensuring that you know exactly when to expect it.

6. Enjoy Your Meal

When the train reaches the designated station, the delivery person will bring your food directly to your seat. Enjoy your meal without the stress of navigating through the train or station.

Popular Platforms for Train Food Orders

IRCTC eCatering

IRCTC’s eCatering service is one of the most trusted options for ordering train food. With a vast network of partner restaurants, it offers a variety of meal options, including regional specialties and popular fast food chains. The service ensures timely delivery and maintains high standards of quality and hygiene.


Zoop is another popular platform for irctc food order. It collaborates with numerous restaurants across India, providing a diverse menu for travelers. Zoop is known for its user-friendly interface and efficient delivery system.


TravelKhana is a pioneer in the food in train delivery sector. It offers an extensive range of cuisines, from North Indian to South Indian, Chinese, and more. The platform is praised for its punctuality and the quality of its food.

Yatri Bhojan

Yatri Bhojan is a growing player in the market, offering reliable train food order services. It focuses on delivering fresh and hygienic meals from reputed local restaurants.

Tips for a Smooth Food Ordering Experience

Plan Ahead

To ensure availability and timely delivery, it’s advisable to place your food order well in advance. Most platforms allow you to order up to a few hours before your train’s arrival at the chosen station.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Before placing an order, check the reviews and ratings of the restaurants on the platform. This will give you an idea of the food quality and service reliability.

Keep Your Phone Handy

Ensure your phone is charged and within reach, as delivery personnel might contact you for directions or updates on your order.

Specify Your Preferences

If you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, mention them while placing the order. Most platforms allow you to add special instructions for the restaurant.

Stay Updated

Keep an eye on your order status and any notifications from the delivery service. This will help you stay informed about the progress and expected delivery time.


Ordering food on a train has never been easier, thanks to the availability of online food order in train services. By following the steps outlined above, you can enjoy a variety of tasty and hygienic meals delivered straight to your seat. Whether you’re craving a regional specialty or a quick snack, these platforms ensure that your culinary needs are met during your journey. Embrace the convenience and variety of modern train food services, and make your next train ride a delicious and enjoyable experience.


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