How to take stunning photos in nature: tips from fashion photographer

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Embarking on a photography journey in nature is like stepping into a world of magic. Your camera becomes a wand, capable of capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the world and transforming it into stunning images. Kristina Voiloshnikova, a renowned fashion photographer, unveils her secrets on how to infuse nature photos with a touch of enchantment. 

Kristina Voiloshnikova

Kristina’s expertise in shooting in nature is unparalleled. She is hailed as the pioneer of Russian eco-photography, a testament to her profound understanding of capturing nature’s essence. Her camera has immortalized numerous fashion brands amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kamchatka. Today, she imparts her wisdom on shooting the most common landscape scenes on the beach, at sunset, and in the park, as well as how to capture the innocence and playfulness of children and pets in nature. 

Shooting on the beach

The beach is a place to relax and an ideal location for shooting. Imagine the soft light reflecting off the sand and water, which makes your photos light and airy. Shoot early morning or evening when the sun is not as bright and creates soft shadows. Forget the harsh midday rays that can make your shots harsh. Ask the model to jump, run, or have fun – this will add life and vibrancy to the shots. Light, brightly colored outfits against the sea and sand will look amazing.

Shooting at sunset

Sunset is a real magic for photographers. The golden hours as the sun sinks below the horizon create a warm, soft light that gives your photos a magical mood. Get to the location early to choose the best angle and set the mood for the shoot. Let the sun shine behind the model, creating beautiful contour light and soft shadows. Experiment with silhouettes – shoot against the light to create silhouettes against the sunset sky. And remember, water surfaces – reflections in water can add depth and interest to your shots.

Shooting children

Taking pictures of children is like trying to catch a soap bubble. It’s fun, unpredictable, and inspiring if you see the moment. Create a comfortable and fun atmosphere to make children feel relaxed and natural. Let them play, run, and laugh while you catch their genuine emotions. Shoot from their eye level to capture their perspective, and don’t forget to take close-ups of their faces and hands – this will help capture their pure emotion and cute details. Toys, balloons, or soap bubbles are great helpers to create interesting and fun shots.

“My journey as a photographer started with shooting children. At first, I photographed my babies, trying to capture their every moment and emotion. These images were so lively and sincere that soon, I started shooting the children of friends and acquaintances. Over time, this grew into a real profession. Shooting children taught me patience and the ability to catch moments. After all, children are the most honest and unpredictable models. Their emotions are always real, making each photo unique,” recalls fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova. 

Shooting in the park

A park is a treasure trove of opportunities for a photographer. Use the park’s natural elements, such as trees, arches, and bridges, to create interesting compositions. Find places where light passes through the foliage, creating beautiful shadow patterns. Each season brings beauty – blooming trees in spring, brightly colored leaves in fall, and snow-covered trees in winter. Play with these elements to create atmospheric and memorable shots. Remember to photograph against a backdrop of flowers, grass, or water – this will add texture and color to your shots.

Shooting with animals

Taking pictures of animals is like interacting with young children. Patience and interaction are your best friends. Allow the animal to get used to your camera and presence; take your time. Use treats and toys to get the animal’s attention and keep it in place. Shoot at the animal’s eye level – this will allow you to capture its facial expressions and emotions. And, of course, catch moments of interaction between the animal and people or other animals – this will create touching and natural photos.

Photography in nature is not just an art but an absolute pleasure. Following fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova’s advice, you can create stunning images that will delight you and your loved ones. Use natural light, play with compositions, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Nature provides us with many opportunities to create beautiful and memorable photos. So why not grab your camera and head out into nature to capture your magic?


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