How to watch live broadcasts on Instagram

How to watch live broadcasts on Instagram Are you bored and don’t know what to do?

Are you bored and don’t know what to do? Then the time has come to find out  how to watch live broadcasts on Instagram

If you think that on the most famous social network in the world you can only publish posts and see stories, you are wrong. Instagram offers a lot more to do and see for its users.

This is precisely why users love Instagram: every month there is a new function to use, a new tool to discover or a different section to explore.


One of the functions most loved by Instagram users is certainly that of live broadcasts. As the name suggests, these are simply live streaming videos.

To find out how to see this content created in real time by other users, sit back and read this guide.

How to watch live broadcasts on Instagram: preliminary information

Before delving into the world of live broadcasts, it is necessary to first focus on some preliminary information.

When we talk about live broadcasts on Instagram, we are referring to live streaming videos that are created by other users who are present on the social network.

Thanks to the famous live shows, users have the opportunity to chat with their followers, establishing a deeper relationship with them.

Live broadcasts can be made by all users who have the Instagram app on their social network.

In fact, it is not currently possible to create live content using the social platform’s website, without using other types of services.

With Instagram live broadcasts, brands, companies and creators can connect in real time with their community, establishing an authentic bond.

Whoever creates a live streaming on their Instagram profile can answer the questions of those who follow them in real time, giving rise to an authentic exchange of information. If you are looking for social media growth, then Buy Instagram Followers Greece with Fast Delivery best place for you.

In short, live shows manage to unite people who are in very distant places, establishing real connections through a digital medium.

How to watch live broadcasts on Instagram from a smartphone

Most users of the popular social network use its smartphone version. That’s why we’ll start by discovering how to watch live broadcasts on Instagram using your smartphone.

Obviously, to carry out this procedure you will need the Instagram app already downloaded and installed on your smartphone. The procedure is the same for both Android and iOS.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • open the Instagram app from your mobile device;
  • log in to your account;
  • If a person who is recording live is among your followers, you will find their live feed in the Stories Feed at the top. To watch the live broadcast you simply have to tap on the icon of his story, where the item “Live” will appear;
  • if you don’t follow the user, search for him using the Instagram search engine (the magnifying glass icon);
  • Once you have identified the profile, tap on its icon, where the wording “Live” will appear.


Once you enter the live broadcast, you will be able to comment on what happens using the bar at the bottom.

You can also add a like by tapping the heart-shaped icon at the bottom right.

To leave the live broadcast, however, tap on the X-shaped icon located at the top right next to the username and photo.

How to watch them from desktop

Initially, Instagram presented itself solely as a smartphone app. As time passed, its desktop version appeared, and with it all its functions.

Nowadays, it is only possible to watch live broadcasts using your computer. As regards their creation, it must be carried out solely through the smartphone or through third-party services.

Here’s how to watch live broadcasts from PC:

  • connected to the Instagram website;
  • After logging in to your account, you will find live broadcasts from the users you already follow in your Feed. These are the stories marked “Live”;
  • if you don’t follow the user whose live broadcast you want to see, search for him using the search engine;
  • Once you have found the profile, click on its icon at the top left, where the wording “Live” will appear.

Even in the desktop version, you will find the special bar to leave your comments and the heart icon to send your likes.

Don’t forget to show your support to the streamer. If you want to abandon the broadcast, also in this case you will have to click on the X-shaped icon at the top right.

How to watch the finished live broadcasts on Instagram

If you were eager to follow a live broadcast, but didn’t have time, don’t despair, because there is still the possibility of catching it.

You probably don’t know that when a creator interrupts his live broadcast, he can decide to save the recording on his profile in the form of a video.

By doing this, the streamer ensures that even those who missed the live broadcast can catch up on it later.

Then there are other users who decide not to make their live broadcast visible once it is finished, selecting “Delete the video” once the sharing has stopped.

Please note that if your favorite creator has selected this option, there will be no way to see their live feed later.

To find out how to watch the live broadcasts on Instagram after they are over, all you have to do is go to his profile and consult the videos section.

Only here will you be able to find his live broadcast, if he decided to keep it!


How to watch live broadcasts on Instagram without being seen

One of the most frequently searched by users of this social network is “how to watch live broadcasts on Instagram anonymously?” . Probably, there are many users who prefer to act without being seen.

Unfortunately, you should know that it is not possible to find out how to watch live broadcasts on Instagram without being seen in an “official” way.

In fact, the only way to watch a live broadcast is by accessing your profile on the social network. The streamer, however, has access to the names of everyone who is watching the broadcast in real time.

This is why the only solution to avoid being discovered is to create a second Instagram account, or a fake account.

Obviously, in this case, you will have to use a false name to avoid being discovered.

We must warn you that this is behavior that is quite contrary to the social network’s guidelines.

In fact, according to the rules, it is forbidden to create fake accounts. So, if you intend to follow a live broadcast using a fake profile, know that you could be reported.

Other solutions

Once we have discovered how to watch old live broadcasts on Instagram and how to watch them in a totally anonymous way, let’s move on and discover one last way to watch live broadcasts.

As we were saying, many people want to watch live broadcasts from other users, but without their name appearing in the list of viewers.

In addition to proceeding by creating a fake account, there is also another path that you can follow. We warn you, however, that this is a fairly risky method that could compromise your ability to use social media. 

To view live broadcasts completely anonymously, you can also use third-party platforms.

By searching on Google, you will be able to find numerous websites that allow you to watch Instagram live broadcasts in complete anonymity.

We advise you to be very careful while using these tools. In fact, these are platforms that violate Instagram’s terms of service, take data and violate user privacy.

Of the two options, it is better to create a profile with a fictional name, although this is not recommended, especially if you use it to insult the streamer.



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