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Ideas for Window Curtains in Small Spaces : Selecting Styles for Curtains

Ideas for Window Curtains in Small Spaces

We want to talk more about curtains for small windows today. The experts at Dubai Curtains claim without reservation that a window’s size is irrelevant when it comes to décor. Because of our skillful technique, we are able to strategically utilize a small window opening so that the curtains become the focal point of the room.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, well-chosen colors, materials, and curtain types can also balance the proportions of the room and create a cohesive visual.


Selecting Styles for Curtains

The traditional choice is a sheer curtain spanning the full width of the window, thick curtains on the sides, and a lambrequin. In this instance, we advise employing curtain holders. You can enlarge the entrance space a little bit with this technique without making it too difficult.

If you’d rather not draw attention to small windows, then simple Roman blinds with light color schemes and a straight cut style will do. These curtains are suitable for most sorts of rooms.

Many home styles are flawlessly complemented with roller shades. You may adjust their length, which is one of their benefits. Slats or panels in blinds can be positioned horizontally or vertically. In addition, there is a wide range of colors and materials to choose from, and the cloth can be straight or pleated.

If your space is tiny, we suggest that you consider short curtains because of their unique attractiveness and ease of cutting and coloring. The ideal length will be to the windowsill or just a little bit higher.

Cafe curtains have a lovely, minimalistic appearance. They are often hung in the center of the window using a horizontal bar that is attached. They are typically 30 to 60 centimeters long. These curtains are perfect for the kitchen because they simply cover the bottom portion of the window. Additionally, since just a few supplies and canvas are needed for sewing, this is an affordable option.

An inventive solution to wrap small windows is the hourglass. Stretched across the whole surface of the glass on both sides, the canvas is gathered in the center and fastened with a ribbon, bows, or a piece of cloth.

Observe the curtains without a curtain rod as well. Small windows would benefit from this option because the curtain rod won’t take up any space. The curtain is suspended by unique metal supports.

Selecting Curtains based on Fabric and Color

  • If you want to add more accents to your decor, go for thick curtains in vibrant, rich colors. Choose light-colored materials instead.
  • Massive abstractions are something you should absolutely stay away from because big patterns will appear absurd on a tiny canvas.
  • Give preference to sheer or light-colored materials if the goal is not to block the sun’s rays from entering the space. Installing blackout roller shades as an extra component for this choice will help it get darker.
  • Remember that light-colored, lightweight materials will visually obfuscate the margins of windows and expand the overall area of the space.

Design Advice

Designers suggest considering the unique features of the interior when choosing curtains and other textiles for the home so that the curtains will draw attention to them. To create a chic and refined appearance for your space with small windows, we recommend adhering to these fundamental guidelines:

  • Think about the wallpaper design in a small space when choosing the color of the curtains. In the event that this room’s wallpaper is monochromatic, the curtain may feature figures, and vice versa.
  • Select muted hues; they visually widen the opening and draw the eye away from small windows.
  • If you’re not into elaborate décor, choose intricate curtain designs and accent pieces sparingly because they will make the drapes appear more voluminous and may even hide the window entirely.
  • Floor-length curtains should be avoided when adorning tiny windows because they will make the window appear ungainly when framed. Here, the following guideline is followed: a little aperture complements a tiny dressing.
  • Don’t forget to employ some tactics to visually enlarge the room with a ceiling cornice or raise the ceiling height.

Little apertures don’t have to ruin your room’s interior decor. Draping small windows can be done in a variety of ways. Make the most of the suggestions provided to strategically utilize small windows and make them the focal point of the space. 

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