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Master Final Fantasy 16’s Combat with These 10 Simple Tips and Tricks

Final Fantasy XVI has finally been released and I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it giving it a solid 8.5 out of 10 review. One of the major highlights for me during my 65+ hours of gameplay was the combat system. It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and continuously expands in complexity as you progress through the game’s story. However, I understand that combat can be challenging so as someone who has spent numerous hours playing the game and delving into its endgame content, I’m here to offer some helpful tips and tricks to help you dominate the battlefield in FFXVI.

Dominate the Battlefield in Final Fantasy 16’s: 10 Tips and Trick

1. Utilize the Timely Accessories

Let’s start with a nifty feature: the Timely Accessories. Don’t hesitate to use them; they are a valuable tool designed by Creative Business Unit III for a reason. There are five different accessories and you can equip up to three at once. These accessories are available right from the beginning regardless of whether you choose the easier Story-Focused Mode or the more challenging Action-Focused Mode (in Story-Focused Mode, these accessories are equipped automatically).

Here’s what each Timely Accessory does:

  • Ring of Timely Evasion: Clive automatically evades most enemy attacks while wearing this.
  • Ring of Timely Strikes: Perform advanced combos with ease; simply press Square and Clive will take care of the rest.
  • Ring of Timely Assistance: Clive’s companion dog, Torgal will automatically attack and heal during battles without your input.
  • Ring of Timely Focus: When Clive is attacked, time slows down making it easier for you to dodge by pressing R1.
  • Ring of Timely Healing: Clive automatically heals himself when his health drops to a certain level.

2. Practice in the Hall of Virtue

If you find yourself struggling against specific types of enemies head to the Arete Stone in your Hideaway hub and access the Hall of Virtue. Here you can select any enemy you’ve encountered in the game and practice combat with them. The Hall of Virtue offers various options to tailor your experience such as showing data points to indicate when to use a Magic Burst in your combo and more. You can even adjust the enemy’s behavior from fighting them normally to making them a stationary target for practice purposes.

3. Experiment with Different Eikon Builds

Clive gains access to new Eikons each with its unique special ability (activated by pressing Circle) and two additional Eikonic abilities from that Eikon (activated with R2 + Square or R2 + Triangle). It’s essential to experiment with these abilities and discover how they interact and complement each other. You can unlock more Eikonic abilities using Ability Points adding even more customization to your combat style. Try different combinations and find what works best for you; my personal favorite trio is Phoenix-Garuda-Bahamut.

4. Master Your Favorite Eikonic Abilities

After unlocking an Eikonic ability, you can further upgrade it by spending more Ability Points. Once you’ve upgraded an ability, you can “Master” it. Mastering an ability not only makes it more powerful but also allows you to use it with different Eikons. This opens up more mixing and matching possibilities offering you greater flexibility and customization in combat.

5. Strategic Use of Limit Break

Your potions and elixirs may not always be enough to keep Clive’s health up in battles. That’s when you can rely on Clive’s Limit Break ability which is unlocked during a specific story mission. Press L3 + R3 and Clive will enter Limit Break mode significantly increasing his attack power and speed while also healing him based on the damage he deals. Remember to use this ability strategically to turn the tide of difficult fights.

6. Master Precision Dodging

While parrying can be challenging due to the game’s fast pace precision dodges are more manageable. Just before an enemy’s attack lands press R1, and Clive will dodge away. If performed correctly, you’ll see “Precision Dodge” on the screen and the enemy will be vulnerable to a powerful counterattack. Press Square immediately after the precision dodge to execute a counter dealing even more damage. Precision dodging and countering will be your saviors in tough situations so practice and use them often.

7. Choose Accessories that Suit Your Playstyle

Throughout your journey, you’ll come across various accessories each offering different bonuses. Select accessories that align with your preferred playstyle and complement your combat strategy. Some accessories reduce cooldown times for specific Eikonic abilities while others boost the damage output of certain attacks. Pick those that best fit your approach whether you prefer combo-heavy tactics or focusing on powerful abilities there’s an accessory for you.

8. Embrace Garuda as a Must-Have Eikon

Garuda stands out as a must-have for many players among the available Eikons. Her Circle ability is particularly useful against larger enemies with stagger bars. Clive pulls the enemy towards him when using this ability which extends the time they remain partially staggered. Master this technique against staggered enemies to deal devastating damage.

9. Prioritize the Stagger Bar

When facing larger enemies including minibosses and bosses, pay close attention to their stagger bar. Staggering an enemy leaves them vulnerable to more potent attacks and combos making it the perfect opportunity to deal massive damage. Select Eikonic abilities that excel at depleting the stagger bar to maximize your offensive capabilities.

10. Think of FFXVI As a Fighting Game

Although Final Fantasy XVI is an action RPG, you can approach its combat with a similar mindset to fighting games. Observe enemy patterns, openings, and tells, and capitalize on them with well-timed combos and abilities. Memorize effective combinations and execute them when the opportunity arises just like you would in a fighting game. Understanding enemy behavior and tailoring your attacks accordingly will lead to combat success.


With these 10 tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared to dominate the battlefield in Final Fantasy XVI. Embrace the game’s combat system experiment with different strategies, and customize your abilities to create a formidable warrior. May your journey through the world of FFXVI be filled with thrilling battles and epic victories!


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