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Must-Have Amenities in Student Housing for a Productive Student Life

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In the present scenario, students visiting abroad can witness a significant trend. A wide range of individuals visit different countries to get higher education. Different cities are famous for providing higher education to international students, such as Hamburg (Germany), London (England), New York (USA), etc. 

When students enroll in another country, their primary requirement is accommodation. Today’s student accommodations are not just a roof over their heads; they also come equipped with a wide range of amenities. These amenities are for different purposes, such as studies, leisure, dining, and more. 

Here, you will learn about some must-have amenities in student housing for a productive student life. 

Study Table and Chair 

It is simple yet one of the most significant amenities that student housing should have. A set of a study table and a chair creates a study space, which creates a study environment. Besides, one can study comfortably on this furniture. It is a proven fact that sitting in the right posture positively affects your concentration. Therefore, we can consider it an amenity to increase productivity in student life. Study tables and chairs are available in numerous student accommodations in different parts of the world. 

Study Room 

A study room can also be found in student accommodation Hamburg and other cities worldwide. In this room, students can study in a calm environment without any external disturbance, which increases their productivity. Such rooms are beneficial on exam days; however, it is good to use them throughout the year to perform well academically. 

Internet Connection 

The significance of the Internet is known by everyone when you are even reading this write-up through the Internet. The Internet is a significant source of communication, entertainment, online shopping, information searching, and studying. It is essential for students since it is a substantial study source today. Therefore, it is a must-have amenity for students in accommodations without a second thought. 

In most student accommodations across the globe, you find broadband or Wi-Fi internet connections to accomplish your online tasks. 

Games Room 

Fun is also necessary to increase productivity. In fact, it is one of the best healers for the mind; therefore, one can give more attention to his/her studies if he/she has some fun also. For this purpose, there is a games room in many student housing properties around the world, and it can be considered one of the must-have amenities. 

You can find game rooms in several student housing properties in different countries where you can play games like foosball, table tennis, and pool. 


Some properties also have in-house cinemas, which are the sources of entertainment. Entertainment also heals your mind, providing relaxation and cognitive stimulation to your brain. You can also consider it a must-have amenity to increase your productivity in your student accommodation. 


Television has become an integral part of everyone’s life, providing a significant source of entertainment, information, and news. Therefore, it is a must-have amenity to consider in student accommodation. 

Today, you can find televisions or smart TVs in student accommodations, so you can enjoy watching cable TV channels and OTT platforms. 

Gym or Fitness Room 

A healthy body is a source of a healthy mind; therefore, you need a fit and healthy body. In many properties in different parts of the world, you can find a gym or a fitness room to visit and do workouts on modern exercise machines. It can be considered a must-have amenity while choosing student accommodation; however, if you don’t find a fitness facility inside the complex of your property, you need not worry. You can find one near your accommodation or in your college or university. 

Support Team 

When you go to a new city, you will need support from time to time and almost every day at the beginning of your stay. For this purpose, many student housing properties offer support teams for students. When you look for accommodation, you must consider the presence of a support team in your accommodation property. 

Common Room 

Standard rooms are found, and essential amenities in different student housing properties have crucial amenities. They are the rooms where residents can meet, befriend, and help each other in their studies. 

Safety Security Features 

Safety and security are must-have amenities not only for students but for everyone. Therefore, you must check which safety and security features your accommodation complex offers. Some features include CCTV cameras, security teams, secure door entries, and fire extinguishers. 


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