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Star Wars: Dark Forces and Turok 3 are next on Nightdive Studios remaster list

Nightdive Studios has some exciting plans for gamers who love classic first-person shooters. After successfully remastering games like Rise of the Triad and Quake II in just under a month, they’re now working on bringing back two more beloved games: Star Wars: Dark Forces and Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. The good news is that Turok 3 is expected to be released on November 14th of this year. However, the release date for Dark Forces hasn’t been confirmed yet.

These remastered versions of the games will be available on various gaming platforms including the newer PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Players can expect these versions to come with a bunch of improvements like better graphics, smoother animations, and the option to use motion controls if you like. You’ll also be able to play with a gamepad which is great.

Turok 3 in particular, is getting some cool upgrades. It will have really sharp and clear visuals and the gameplay will be super smooth with up to 120 frames per second. There will also be some fancy effects like bloom and shadows that make everything look more realistic and cool. But what’s even better is that you’ll feel like you’re right in the game because you can control where you aim by moving the controller around. Oh, and they’re adding in some other little things that will make the game even more fun and easy to play.

As for Dark Forces, it’s a game from way back in 1995. It didn’t have lightsabers or magical powers like some other Star Wars games but it made up for it with a bunch of different weapons to use. You’ll be fighting against these big robot soldiers called Dark Troopers which you might recognize from The Mandalorian show. If you want to play the original version of Dark Forces with better graphics so you can buy it for just $5 and add a free mod to make it look even better.

Remember Kyle Katarn, the character from the Star Wars universe? This game introduced him and he later became a hero in other Star Wars games. Nightdive Studios is working with Lucasfilm Games to bring Dark Forces back to life and this could mean we’ll see more old Star Wars games making a comeback too.

Now, let’s talk about Turok 3. It was released a long time ago in 2000 but it’s getting a fresh start with this remaster. The game which was originally only available on the Nintendo 64 is now coming to PC for the first time. It finishes up the story from the previous Turok games which Nightdive Studios has also brought back for new players to enjoy.

Oh, and by the way Nightdive Studios is also thinking about remastering another game called Unreal. But the company that makes it Epic Games hasn’t said anything about that yet. So, there’s a lot of cool stuff to look forward to if you’re a fan of these classic games!

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