Performing Hajj in Summer – Things you need to know

The obligatory religious duty of a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage, Hajj, is approaching soon. Depending on the moon’s sighting this year, Hajj is expected to happen on June 19, 2024. The prospect of Undertaking the Hajj pilgrimage during the scorching heat of summer poses unique challenges. With soaring Mecca temperature, pilgrims face physical demands that require special consideration. The average Saudi Arabia’s desert climate is getting hotter every year with the rise in global warming. If this temperature rise persists, it will probably exceed the temperatures of the Prophet Muhammad’s era about 1,400 years ago. 

This year, Mecca is expected to host more than 3 million worshippers from 160 countries, which could break the previous mega pilgrimage records. Saudi Arabia has taken measures to ensure that worshipers remain comfortable in the scorching heat of Mecca during the summer months. The authorities have implemented various arrangements, including using long poles to spray water over the pilgrims, mist fans, and air-conditioned prayer halls to relieve the heat. These arrangements have been put in place to facilitate pilgrims and ensure they can perform their religious duties without discomfort.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore valuable tips for performing Hajj in the summer, ensuring not only spiritual fulfillment but also the comfort and well-being of pilgrims from US. Discover practical advice on staying cool and hydrated throughout your Hajj pilgrimage, all while benefiting from the thoughtful services of Hajj Packages from US.

Choosing Best Hajj Packages from US for Summer

Choosing the right Hajj Packages 2024 is crucial to ensuring a comfortable pilgrimage in June, the hottest month. The Hajj pilgrimage is said to be the largest gathering of Muslims, with an estimated three million flocking to Mecca. Opting for Hajj Packages from US that address the unique needs of the American pilgrims and take into account the seasonal challenges is a must. These Hajj Packages 2024 offer a range of accommodations, from budget-friendly accommodations located at a distance from pilgrimage sites to luxurious accommodations close to pilgrimage sites. A well-curated Hajj Package will ensure pilgrims’ physical demands of performing Hajj rituals in soaring temperatures are met by providing them with air-conditioned accommodations in Makkah, Mina, and Madinah. 

Prepare for Physical Exertions

The Hajj pilgrimage consists of a series of rituals, each of which requires considerable walking and standing amidst the large crowds. Pilgrims are expected to walk between 5 km and 15 km each day. For individuals doing desk jobs and housewives or people who spend most of their time sitting, performing physically demanding Hajj rituals can be challenging. By preparing your body for physical exertions months before, you can ensure that you will be able to keep up without going hard on your body. To prepare physically for the Hajj pilgrimage, it is advised to begin a regular walking habit. Start with a slow pace and cover short distances in the beginning, and gradually increase the pace and distance. This strategy will prepare your body for the physically taxing Hajj rituals. 

Stay Hydrated 

With all the physical activity during Hajj in the soaring heat, it is essential to stay hydrated to keep the body temperature cool. Dehydration is a common concern during Hajj in summer, making it crucial to drink plenty of fluids and avoid fizzy drinks because they can increase thirst. Carry a bottle of water to prevent dehydration. Since the Hajj rituals are performed at different sites, it is better to carry your own water bottle. Avoid drinking water from other water bottles or depending totally on water resources that might not be available in the next hour. Additionally, temperatures during Hajj are expected to rise above 40 degrees centigrade, so drinking plenty of water is crucial for avoiding heat strokes. 

Dress Comfortably with Lightweight and Breathable Clothing

To deal with the soaring temperature and scorching heat, pack comfortable and lightweight clothing. Choose lightweight Ihram fabric; female pilgrims should pack comfortable and breathable clothes that go with their abaya, while men should buy multiple sets of Ihram. It is also recommended to pack comfortable travel towels and sunblock cream to avoid sunburn. Additionally, pack multiple pairs of slippers, as you may have to walk for hours on foot; wearing comfortable slippers can help you walk around easily. If you plan to buy new slippers for the sacred journey, make sure to get your feet used to the slippers to avoid blisters when walking for hours during rituals. 

Plan Hajj Rituals Strategically to Avoid Peak Heat Hours

Booking Hajj Packages from US with an expert guide can significantly enhance your pilgrimage. Guide in Hajj Packages 2024 is well-versed in navigating Hajj rituals and knows what time is perfect to offer rituals easily. Experienced guides plan rituals strategically, allowing pilgrims to perform Hajj rituals in cooler parts of the day. By planning rituals strategically, you can minimize exposure to intense heat and experience a more comfortable pilgrimage. 

Take Breaks and Rest When Needed

Listen to your body when performing Hajj rituals. It is vital to improve your health and physical well-being when undertaking the pilgrimage. Hajj Packages 2024 often includes a schedule for rituals, including breaks to ensure pilgrims get recharged and refreshed after breaks. Take advantage of these breaks, find shade, drink plenty of water, and listen to your body. Prioritizing your health ensures that you can successfully execute the Hajj rituals in the challenging summer season. 

Carry Umbrellas to protect yourself from the direct sun heat. Remember, covering the head with anything is not allowed during Tawaf for men. For the rest of the rituals, pilgrims can use umbrellas. 


Hajj Packages from US often include guides to help you stay cool and energetic during Hajj rituals with their expert tips and advice. Hajj Packages 2024 also includes a checklist for what to pack, what supplications to recite, the order of hajj rituals, and much more. That’s why it is important to book Hajj Packages from US with a reputed travel agency in the USA to experience a seamless and comfortable pilgrimage. Read guides and understand Hajj rituals using online resources, keep your self updated with the Mecca temperature, and prepare yourself physically and spiritually as much as possible. 


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