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Performing Umrah: An Important Obligation for All Pilgrims

Umrah begins with entering Ihram, which entails carefully washing oneself, bathing properly, and dressing into two white sheets. you should take care of one thing that these clothes are not stitched. however, a basic usual stitched clothing is permitted for women.

The following practice is Tawaf. It requires visitors to approach the Masjid-al-Haram using their right foot and then go counter-clockwise around the Kaaba 7 times.

Sa’i follows, with pilgrims ascending the hill of ‘Safa’ and walking towards ‘Marwa’ while uttering dhikr.

Men can complete their Umrah by shaving off the head as final practice. However, women should trim their hair short rather than shaving it.

There are a few things you should consider Before performing the Umrah in Ramadan

Validity of Visa: a special Visa is a permit to pilgrims traveling to Mecca for Umrah by the government of Saudia Arabia. the visa allows thirty days from the issuance date of the Umrah visa to visit all religiously auspicious sites of Mecca and Medina.

Accommodation and flight: Hotel reservation and air ticket prices are subject to change based on the season. To avoid last-minute complications, it is suggested that reservations be scheduled well in advance.

Umrah Rites: If you are going to perform Umrah in Ramadan for the very first time, it is necessary to coordinate with religious scholars, since they are capable of providing accurate guidelines about how to perform Umrah. It is mandatory that you are familiar with all important Umrah practices and also have a clear understanding of what should be done or avoided when you go for Umrah.

Physical and Spiritual Preparedness: Umrah during Ramadan is more than a pilgrimage. Umrah necessitates both physical and emotional readiness. Pilgrims frequently walk long distances in hot weather. It is critical to maintain physical fitness, eat healthily, and devote oneself to Allah Almighty. Prayers made with honest hearts are accepted; it is a wise idea to compile a list of prayers for those you care about. Visit different places: Pilgrims should not overlook exploring other religious sites in Mecca while they are there. Based on the length of the stay, a few places can easily be visited with proper scheduling.

Benefits of performing Umrah in Ramadan

Being Allah’s the guest of ALLAH(SWT):

The Holy Prophet (SAW) says that there are three guests of Allah: The Ghazi, Hujaj, and the Mu’tamir.” Allah is the Most Benevolent, most Graceful, and also most Forgiving and He will benefit visitors greatly for their efforts on conducting this pilgrimage by becoming the supreme Host

It removes your past Sins:

Allah is the most merciful and forgiving. Umrah wipes out all our previous sins when we conduct all the practices. Allah invites us to keep pursuing the benefits of performing Umrah. You must obtain forgiveness for your previous sins whenever you visit the Holy Kaaba. Seek forgiveness and reap the benefits of your prayers. Ramadan itself is the month of blessings, performing Umrah in Ramadan can multiply your rewards in many folds.

An opportunity that rewards you equivalent to Jihad:

When you receive the opportunity to do Jihad, you should take it.

Jihad is one of the highest forms of religion and is divided into several variants. In Islam, Jihad is highly regarded and praised. The reward for Jihad is Shahadat.

If you perform Umrah in Ramadan, the reward for Umrah is equivalent to Jihad for children, women, and weak or older people.

Allah provides us optimism and the possibility for those who are least privileged to do Jihad by conducting Umrah.

Furthermore, if a pilgrim passes away during his Umrah pilgrimage, he will be rewarded Jannah.

The reward to perform Umrah in Ramadan is similar to the reward of performing Hajj.

Umrah eradicates poverty:

Among its different benefits, The Umrah also has an unanticipated benefit that is the abolition of poverty. Most pilgrims who have performed the Umrah pilgrimage have noticed that their financial woes had resolved with time. It also uncovers new financial opportunities for a happier and even more sustainable life.


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