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PikaShow APK v86 Free Latest Version Download

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Discover an amazing entertainment experience with the Pikashow APK! This app for Android gives you access to a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and live sports events on your device. You can watch them in great quality, and it’s easy to use. Plus, you can download stuff to watch offline without needing to sign up or pay for anything. It’s like having endless entertainment right at your fingertips!

App Name PikaShow APK
Latest Version 86
Size 16 MB
Developed By PikaShow
Platform Android
Requirement 4.5 and up
Worldwide Downloads 100+ Million
Root Required? No
MOD Features Premium HD Quality Content Unlocked
Price FREE
Rating (4.6/5) 827702 Votes


In simple terms, some users can’t afford the pricey membership plans of Pikashow. So, different developers create special versions of PikaShow where you can access premium features for free.

What is PikaShow APK?

PikaShow is an app where you can watch lots of TV shows, movies, and live sports on your favorite devices. It’s an app for Android that makes it easy to access a bunch of stuff on your phone or tablet. You can have a good time watching all sorts of things with PikaShow and you don’t have to pay for a subscription or sign up.

Download PikaShow APK

Let’s download PikaShow MOD APK’s latest version now by pressing the download button below and enjoy.

Features of PikaShow APK

PikaShow has lots of built-in features that anyone can easily use. We want to talk about the most important features of Pikashow and how they’re useful and beneficial for users.

Multiple Languages

PikaShow offers multiple language options to help users. The latest version of PikaShow supports both international and Indian languages and you can easily switch between them in the Settings. The default language is English and you can choose from English, French, Chinese, and Arabic. In terms of Indian languages, the app supports Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, and Kannada.

Easy Content Search

Finding what you want to watch is a breeze with the search feature. Whether you’re searching for a specific movie, TV show, or even a particular actor or director, you just have to type your query into the search bar and Pikashow APK will quickly show you relevant results. It saves time by easily finding what you’re looking for so no more endless scrolling.

Video Quality Options

PikaShow allows you to select the video quality that suits your preferences. You can choose from various video qualities, ranging from HD to 240p. Just make sure to pick the quality that matches your internet speed. You can enjoy even higher video quality options in this version of PikaShow APK which starts from 240p and goes up to 4K. This feature enhances your movie-watching experience with better picture clarity.

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Huge Collection of Movies and TV Shows

One of its best features is the vast library of movies and TV shows. Whether you love action-packed blockbusters, heartwarming dramas, or hilarious comedies, Pikashow has it all. You can find the latest releases as well as timeless classics so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Chromecast Setup

The latest PikaShow APK Mobile app comes with a high-tech feature called Chromecast. Chromecasting means you can display your Android or iPhone screen on a Smart TV by adjusting certain settings. You can also enjoy your favorite movies and entertainment on a larger screen. The app also offers a one-click Chromecast option to make it easy for users of all skill levels.

No Need to Sign Up

You don’t have to go through the trouble of registering on this app. You can get started right away without signing up for anything. Just download the APK, install it on your Android device, and begin your cinematic journey.

Download in One Click

One of PikaShow’s amazing features is the ability to download content. You can download various types of content from the app, although live sports streams and dramas aren’t available for download. Instead, you can access such content through the app’s on-demand option. PikaShow includes a built-in Download Manager that’s user-friendly and provides detailed insights into your downloading activities. The process is straightforward you just have to select the content you want and click the Download Button located below it.

Frequent Updates with New Content

Pikashow APK is dedicated to keeping its users entertained with the latest options. The app regularly adds new movies and shows to its collection, ensuring you always have something to watch. Stay in the loop with the latest releases and discover hidden gems you might have otherwise missed.


PikaShow is the top streaming app you can find and we’ve highlighted some of the great reasons why in this article. You can check out its impressive streaming features by downloading the latest version from our website for free. You can also bookmark our website and come back regularly to see more articles about this app. And if you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to reach out to us through the comments section.


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