Pikmin 4 Review: A Fantastic Video Game Adventure for All Ages

Pikmin has always had a unique place in Nintendo’s collection of games and franchises. The game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, the mastermind behind Mario and Zelda, so it holds a special position in Nintendo’s heart. However, it hasn’t gained the same level of popularity as Mario and Zelda. Still, things might change as it takes the series to new heights, largely thanks to Oatchi helpful dog that can carry you and all your Pikmin on its back.

Striking a Balance Between Newcomers and Long-Time Fans

Pikmin 4 strikes a good balance between welcoming newcomers and pleasing long-time fans. The story is relatively simple: you crash-land on an alien planet and must rescue yourself and others with the help of Pikmin. Despite the straightforward plot, the characters are endearing, and there’s an interesting subtext about whether the game is set on Earth or not.

The standout character in the game is Oatchi who acts like a dog and becomes your trusty companion throughout the adventure. Oatchi greets you eagerly every day protects you from danger and helps your Pikmin carry objects they can’t manage alone. One of Oatchi’s best features is its ability to carry you and all your Pikmin with just the press of a button. This eliminates the annoying issue of Pikmin falling off bridges or getting stuck on corners making gameplay much smoother and more enjoyable.

Levels and Exciting Underground Caves in Pikmin 4

The game features Pikmin levels with new paths to explore and visually distinct locations which makes navigation easier. The addition of underground caves is a highlight where time slows down and you can freely strategize without worrying about the clock. These cave sections are enjoyable and well-designed encouraging creative thinking.

For the first time, the game introduces combat sequences at night where you defend a home base from enemies without the fear of losing Pikmin. While these sections can become repetitive, they are not mandatory for progress providing a change of pace when needed.

Dandori sequences add another layer of excitement offering competitive scenarios against A.I. opponents and time-based challenges for collecting medals. These sequences are engaging and often intense making players strive for better scores.

One of the most appreciated additions in Pikmin 4 is the rewind option allowing players to turn back time a bit if they need extra time to finish a day or defeat a tough boss. This feature comes in handy even with Oatchi’s assistance and improved Pikmin AI.


Pikmin 4 is the smoothest and best-looking version of the series. It successfully builds upon the core Pikmin gameplay while introducing new and enjoyable elements like Oatchi, caves, Dandori, and the rewind option. The variety of tasks prevents the game from feeling repetitive and the ability to choose the order of tasks adds to the fun. While Pikmin may not reach the same heights of popularity as Mario and Zelda, Pikmin 4 is undoubtedly the best installment yet.


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