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Reimagining Blockchain Gaming: How This Company is Changing the Game

Most of the talk about blockchain technology has been about money stuff but now it’s making games more exciting too! People who love the new Web3 technology are finding that games using blockchain are getting really popular.

Lately, games where you can earn things by playing like Axie Infinity and Pegaxy have become super famous in the world of blockchain gaming. In 2021, the cool things you can get in these games (they’re called NFTs) made almost $5 billion! And guess what? In November of that same year, nearly half of all the things people did with their online wallets were related to these cool game apps.

Michael McClenaghan, who helps lead a company called Defy Labs says the best thing about these games is that you can turn your time playing into something you own.

At first, this idea of earning while playing started by accident. Some games like “Runescape” and “Diablo II” let players make real money by selling cool things from the games but it wasn’t organized. Blockchain gaming made it better by letting players really own these things and sell them for real money using special tokens called NFTs.

McClenaghan says, “The most important thing about these games is that you can really own the things you get in the game and they can work in different games and money systems too.”

Let’s Learn About Defy Labs

In 2021, a company named Defy Labs started and they wanted to make amazing games that mix the real world and the digital world together. To do this, they used a special tool called PubNub. This tool helps make cool virtual spaces.

First, Defy Labs wanted to make something that would make more people know about blockchain and play games. So, in April 2022, they released their first game called Defy. It’s a game you play on your phone that mixes the real world with a made-up world. You can collect and make things like weapons in the game and these things are special because you can own them for real.

Defy is different from other games because you have to move around in the real world to do things in the game like in Pokémon Go. You can find special things that help you in the game with the help of your phone’s camera.

The game also has a cool economy where you can make, sell, and combine different things you own so this makes the game more interesting. McClenaghan says they’re trying something new with these game items to see how it works.

He says, “We made a special token for Defy. You can buy parts with it and then put those parts together to make stronger things in the game. You can also sell these parts to other players if you want. And the best part is, you can’t just buy your way to winning in this game.”

Making the Game for Everyone

McClenaghan says that Defy was made so lots of people can play together. It’s important that everyone’s playing in the same world not just by themselves.

He says, “The best thing about this kind of game is that everyone can play together at the same time no matter where they are. We had to build a big worldwide system so all the players can have fun together.”

But making this system was a big challenge because it’s not easy to make a game that people can play all the time without any problems. And Defy Labs isn’t a huge company, so it’s even harder.

They used the PubNub tool to solve these problems. This tool has special things that help make games work better. They didn’t have to build everything from scratch and they could focus on making the game awesome.

So, that’s how Defy Labs is changing the game. They’re making it fun to play games and own cool things while doing it!

Making Things Easier for Game Communication

But wait, the problems didn’t stop when the game was released. Defy faced more challenges that made it not work perfectly all the time. This isn’t only a problem for blockchain games; it’s just that all online games can have this issue.

To make sure Defy works all the time no matter how many people are playing, the company used a bunch of special servers that work in real time. These servers are really important to make sure players can keep playing without any interruptions. But there’s a problem when the company wants to make the game better by updating it, these servers can cause trouble.

“It’s not easy to just put a new version out there, because we need to make sure that everything happening in the game continues smoothly even when we make updates,” McClenaghan says.

So, Defy Labs started using a smart way of doing things. They use something called a blue-green protocol. This means they run both the old and the new versions of the server code at the same time. This helps to make sure that when they switch to the new version everything goes smoothly. And guess what? PubNub’s special tool helps the game talk to these servers and work well.

“This tool also makes sure that our servers talk to each other when we switch versions,” McClenaghan adds. “And because of this tool everything happens quickly no matter where you are in the world.”

Creating a Mix of Virtual and Real Worlds

As Defy keeps getting better, McClenaghan tells us that the company is also coming up with new ways to play that blend the virtual world of the game with the real world around us.

“We’re super excited about letting virtual drones interact with players in real locations,” he explains. “We’re even planning to have battles with augmented reality drones and big team games too.”

McClenaghan spills the beans that Defy Labs is working with big companies who want to use their cool tech.

“Many big brands are using Web3 to make things more interesting for people” he tells us. “We think things like special digital items, games that use your location, and cool augmented reality stuff can make experiences better, especially if they’re designed well.”

While McClenaghan thinks that these new Web3 tools will make things way better, he also says that having partners like PubNub is super important for making Defy Labs’ big ideas come true.

“We’ll keep using PubNub to make our game work really well,” he says. “This helps us focus on making the game awesome.”

PubNub is the magic behind the newest stuff in blockchain gaming. It brings people together in real time so they can play and have fun in a whole new way. Companies like Defy Labs use PubNub’s special tools to make the game work smoothly all the time no matter where you are. Since 2010, PubNub has been working hard to help companies like Adobe, Pocket Gems, DocuSign, and Swiggy make their awesome ideas real.


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