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Planning a trip to Gurgaon, the bustling heart of corporate India? Ditch the impersonal hotel room and delve into a more homely experience with service apartments. While hotels offer a standardized stay, service apartments in Gurgaon elevate your experience by providing the comforts of an apartment with the convenience of hotel-like services.

Why Choose Service Apartments in Gurgaon?

Here’s what makes service apartments in Gurgaon a compelling choice for your holiday:

Feel at Home:  Imagine a spacious apartment, a fully-equipped kitchen, a separate living area – that’s the service apartment experience.  Cook a delicious meal, unwind in your PJs after a day of exploring, or host a casual get-together – it’s all possible!

Flexibility and Freedom: Unlike hotel rooms, service apartments offer more space and privacy.  Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, you’ll have ample room to spread out and relax.  The kitchen allows you the freedom to whip up meals at your own pace and convenience, saving you money on eating out every night.

Location, Location, Location: Service apartments are often situated in prime locations, putting you close to popular tourist spots, business hubs, or vibrant shopping areas.  This allows you to experience the true essence of Gurgaon without being confined to the hotel zone.

Affordability:  While initial costs might seem comparable to hotels, service apartments offer significant savings in the long run, especially for extended stays.  With a kitchen, you can avoid expensive hotel meals and explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene at your own pace.

Types of Service Apartments in Gurgaon

Gurgaon caters to a variety of travelers, and so do its service apartments. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common types:

Studio Apartments: Perfect for solo travelers or couples, these compact units offer a living area combined with a sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.

One-Bedroom Apartments: Ideal for couples or small families, these apartments provide a separate bedroom, a living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom.

Two-Bedroom Apartments: These spacious apartments are well-suited for families or groups of friends. They offer two separate bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.

Luxury Service Apartments:  For those seeking an opulent stay, luxury service apartments offer premium amenities like rooftop pools, fitness centers, concierge services, and more.

Benefits Galore: Why Choose Service Apartments in Gurgaon

So, you’ve decided to explore service apartments in Gurgaon. Here are some additional benefits to sweeten the deal:

Hotel-like Services: Many service apartments offer housekeeping, laundry services, and even on-site restaurants, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Security and Peace of Mind: Reputable service apartments prioritize guest safety. You’ll benefit from security features like CCTV cameras and controlled access.

Local Flavor: Staying in a service apartment allows you to connect with the local vibe.  You can shop for groceries at nearby markets and experience the everyday life of Gurgaon.

Steps to Book Your Perfect Service Apartment in Gurgaon

Booking a service apartment in Gurgaon is a breeze! Here’s a quick guide:

Define Your Needs:  Consider your travel style, budget, and group size to determine the ideal apartment type.

Explore Online Aggregators: Websites like MakeMyTrip and offer a wide range of service apartments in Gurgaon.  Filter your search based on location, amenities, and price.

Read Reviews:  Guest reviews offer valuable insights into the apartment’s facilities, cleanliness, and overall experience.

Contact the Property: Don’t hesitate to contact the service apartment directly to clarify any doubts or inquire about specific services.

Book and Confirm: Once you’ve found your perfect match, proceed with booking and confirmation.


Gurgaon offers a vibrant mix of business, culture, and entertainment.  Choosing service apartments allows you to experience it all like a local.  So, ditch the standard hotel experience and embrace the warmth and freedom of a service apartment.


Are service apartments in Gurgaon pet-friendly?

While some service apartments are pet-friendly, it’s always best to check with the property beforehand.

Is there a minimum stay requirement for service apartments?

Minimum stay requirements can vary depending on the apartment and season. It’s best to inquire with the property directly.

What amenities are typically offered by service apartments in Gurgaon?

Amenities can vary, but common offerings include housekeeping, laundry services, Wi-Fi, and on-site parking.



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