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Setek WiFi Extender Troubleshooting Tips to Dispel Errors

Setek WiFi extender is famous for expanding the router WiFi signals in your house. You can easily establish its network by connecting it to the router through WPS or Ethernet cable.

But you can also face technical problems like err_conenction_reset, extender is not working properly or interface is not working. in these situations, you have to perform troubleshooting tips and solutions.

Here, we have provided the same tips and solutions, which you must use whenever you face any of the mentioned issues. So, have look at top 6 solutions and tips written down here.

Troubleshooting Tips and Solution for Setek WiFi Extender

Here, in this section of the article, you will find simple to apply troubleshooting tips and solution that will help you to dispel any issues related to Setek extender.

1. Router to Extender Connection

Connection between the router and extender should be correct and linked properly. If you have used Ethernet cable, then check the cable is inserted to right ports. If the devices are connected through WPS, then check the devices are in the range of each other.

2. Select Optimal Spot For Setek WiFi Extender

You have to make sure that the extender network is not disturbed by any electronic device like microwave oven or cordless phone. If you see any near to the connected router or extender, then you must change the location of the extender to an optimal location.

3. Update Setek WiFi Extender Firmware

The last solution to this problem is updating the firmware to the latest version. There are easy steps to upgrade your Setek WiFi extender system.
Access the interface through your computer using the IP address written on the label of the device.
The login page will load up, where you have to enter the admin login credentials.
Reach to the interface page, here you will see all the settings and network connected to the extender.
Then, go to the Advanced Settings and select Firmware tab (you will find it by scrolling down).
Download the latest version of the firmware and install it in your Setek WiFi extender.

4. Change Wall Socket

Power cut and outage can cause from the electric wall socket that is helping supply electricity to the extender. So to dispel he cuts and outage of electricity you have to choose another socket or fix the same wall socket.

5. Reboot Setek WiFi Extender

Reboot process used in every networking device to dispel any glitch or technical problem. To reboot the device, you have to find power button on the device and press it twice. You have to make sure that the extender is on.

6. Reset WiFi Repeater

In this section, you will get to know about how to initiate Setek WiFi extender reset using below given instruction.

  • You have to find the RESET button on the device (it is given on side or along with Ethernet port).
  • If it is a button then press it with your finger or if it pinhole button then use pin to long press it.
  • After long pressing it, the reset process will start and after completing it, you have to re-adjust the repeater settings.

To configure the settings again, you just have to access the interface using the user manual login credentials (old ones).

You also have to use your computer to reconfigure the extender settings, so that there will be not error occurrence.

Ending Note Lines

We have come at end lines of the article, where you have seen and learned troubleshooting tips and solutions. These tips will help you to dispel technical problems such as extender is not working or interface is not working.

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