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Social Media Trends 2024: What Will Dominate This Year

Social Media Trends 2024: What Will Dominate This Year. Every year the media space welcomes new directions and trends. By tapping into these popular trends, you can expand your audience, increase brand awareness, and promote your services/products. All of this leads to increased sales and profits.

If you want to harness the working social media trends of 2024, improve engagement with your audience, and gain benefits, then this article is for you.

The world is gradually shifting into virtual reality, and what was popular 10 years ago no longer works. Let’s take a look at the current social media trends to consider when creating content in 2024.

Short Video Content

The evolution of social networks has changed how users perceive information. Long and monotonous videos are a thing of the past, replaced by short clips that evoke emotions. Users can almost instantly tell if they will like a video. Therefore, it’s important to capture their interest from the start.

Short clips can be used for advertising or announcing an event/movie. For example, TikTok has many short compilations of movies and series, parts of educational courses, or podcasts. Often, after watching, users proceed to view the full version of the video.

Artificial Intelligence

While creating a fully functional artificial brain might still be far off, elements of AI are successfully used in the media space. Customer service, advertising campaigns, personalized offers, and newsletters are gradually being handled by artificial intelligence. There are many advantages to this approach:

  • Being in touch with customers 24/7;
  • Providing relevant content based on views and queries;
  • Creating personalized offers.

UGC or User-Generated Content

UGC (User-generated content) is original content created by users of a brand’s service/product. It promotes native advertising because many buyers rely on recommendations when choosing products.

UGC includes:

  • Reviews. After using a product, customers can share their impressions in a review. They post these on the brand’s website, on social media, or review sites.
  • Video reviews. Users can create a video review or unboxing of a product. Such videos are posted on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where video content prevails. Often, a brand gains new customers through the recommendation of a trusted influencer.
  • Comments. These are often left on the brand’s social media, expressing opinions about the product.

Private Groups and Channels on Social Networks

Unique content is very popular nowadays. In the past, this could be offered to users in the form of courses or webinars, but now groups with paid access are increasingly being created. The benefits of this method for the channel owner include:

  • steady monthly income;
  • closer interaction with subscribers.

The audience also benefits, for example, by getting constant unique content in one place.

Social Media Stores

Users have long appreciated the convenience of buying products without leaving the social network. Therefore, the ability to place an order directly in the community or channel is becoming more relevant. New tools are emerging for these purposes. For example, Telegram has several bots that can be used to create a convenient store.

Collaboration with Microbloggers

Blogs with a small number of subscribers often have a more engaged audience than those with millions. That’s why it is beneficial for some brands to collaborate with niche and micro-influencers. Great opportunity to explore and utilize influencer marketing trends to strengthen collaboration with microbloggers to better promote your business or brand.


To be memorable to the modern audience, it’s enough to meet their requirements. Engaging, capacious, and personalized content, along with convenient services, are all ways to elevate your brand’s status online and attract new users. And if you want to make the most of working trends for your blog, consider contacting BuyIGFollowersMalaysia


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