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Sony Introduced a new device called the PlayStation Portal

Sony has exciting news for gamers! They’ve introduced a new device called the PlayStation Portal which will be available later this year for $199. They have also disclosed the costs for their new Pulse Elite headset and Pulse Explore wireless earphones.

Earlier, Sony had hinted at a portable streaming device called “Project Q.” Instead of having its own processing power and this device uses WiFi to stream content from your PlayStation 5. Now, they’ve given it an official name, shared the price, more details, and when it’s coming out.

In May, we got a glimpse of Project Q which many thought could compete with Nintendo’s Switch. Well, it’s now officially named the PlayStation Portal. Sony promises that this device will let you experience the PS5 on the go. It has an 8-inch LCD screen that can show games in high quality – 1080p at 60 frames per second. The controllers are like the ones on the PS5 but split in half and attached to the sides of the screen. However, it’s not clear if these controllers can be removed like the Joy-Cons on the Switch.

What makes the PS Portal unique is that it’s all about streaming. It doesn’t need a powerful processor because your PS5 does all the heavy lifting. So, it’s pretty light inside which needs mostly WiFi hardware and something called the PlayStation Link. It also has a headphone jack.

This cool gadget will cost only $200 when it comes out later this year. That’s way cheaper than a Nintendo Switch and even more affordable than a basic Steam Deck. The only catch is that it won’t be able to play PS VR2 games or cloud-streamed PS+ Premium games which makes sense. Otherwise, any game you have on your PS5 should work on it.

But how well will the PS Portal actually stream content from your PS5? Right now, the PlayStation Remote Play app isn’t perfect. Even with a powerful computer, it can still have issues like stuttering. How well the PS Portal works will depend on your WiFi connection and whether you’re playing over your home network or the internet. Sony says you need at least 5Mbps WiFi but 15Mbps is recommended. Some people have tested Remote Play on much faster connections and still faced problems.

However, it’s not entirely fair to compare the Portal to Remote Play just yet. Hopefully, Sony has worked out a solution that makes gameplay smoother than the app. Sony’s CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida has said they’re ready to tackle the challenges of cloud gaming which might mean they’ve got solutions for local streaming too.

Sony also gave us updates on their new audio gadgets – the Pulse Elite wireless headset and the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds. The Pulse Elite headphones are like Sony’s current Pulse headphones but with a few upgrades. They’ve added a retractable mic noise cancelation powered by AI and a charging hanger. The Pulse Explore is brand new and perfect for those who like lightweight earbuds. They have two microphones, great audio quality, AI noise filtering, and a charging case.

Both of these options use a new technology called “PlayStation Link.” This wireless system provides top-notch audio between the PS Portal and the earphones or earbuds. It can also easily switch between the PS Portal and the PS5. However, the PS5 still needs a Bluetooth dongle to communicate with these listening options.

Sony has set the prices at $150 for the Pulse Elite headset and $200 for the Pulse Explore earbuds. But we’re still waiting to hear exactly when they’ll be available.

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