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Follow These 7 Steps to Get a Mortgage Loan

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There are many types of loans to choose from; however, not every loan has the same benefits. The loan secured by providing the lender with collateral is the easiest way to get funds without paying high-interest rates. The mortgage loan is one such secured loan that brings a significant amount of money by keeping your property or any immovable asset as collateral. 

Follow the seven steps mentioned to get a mortgage loan to satisfy your necessities. 

7 Steps to Get a Mortgage Loan

  • Check Credit Reports

Credit reports play a major role in getting a loan. The reports by trusted bureaus influence the lender to give you the loan or refuse your application. Check your credit reports so that you can find what errors the lender might overlook. If you have defaulted on repayment, it will negatively impact your credit score. Review the report and work upon rectifying the defaults. 

  •  Improve the Credit Score

Credit reports do not only contain credit scores; they also have an integral loan in approval. The payment history plays a prominent role in a good cibil score, and therefore, you must keep your credit repayments on time. Most lenders rely on a credit score of 750 and above. 

  • Search for the Best Interest Rates

Search for lenders offering the lowest interest rate on your mortgage loan. Interest rates significantly affect your monthly EMI and consistently increase the onus of repayment. Don’t just look for attractive interest rates but hidden charges that need to be paid as well. Read the terms carefully to skip the unwanted charges and penalties. 

  • Decide the Amount and Tenure of the Loan

Calculate the amount required to achieve your purpose, and in accord with your financial status, you can choose the tenure. Do not take a heavy amount if not needed because it will make the repayment difficult. You can use the mortgage loan calculator to calculate the right amount and tenure for your loan. 

  • Discover the Most Affordable EMI

After deciding on the amount and tenure, it is time to think about the loan repayment. The repayment will be in the form of EMI’s which are flexible and decided by the borrower. Going for small EMIs will increase the tenure, increasing the burden of interest rates. The EMI must not exceed 75% of the applicant’s monthly income. To reach the most suitable EMI amount, you must use an EMI calculator online. 

  • Check Eligibility and Documents 

To get a mortgage loan check the eligibility beforehand to keep the application from rejection. A pre-approval from the lender will clarify your eligibility.  Submit the mandated documents for a hassle-free loan application, which are minimal, and pass the eligibility criteria quickly. 

  • Apply Online 

Visit the loan application page and apply for the loan online. You need to fill in your personal and bank details moving forward. After applying for a loan against the property, the customer care representative will contact you regarding the further procedure. 


As a mortgage loan involves the use of collateral, the risk for the lender is minimal, and thus most lending organizations offer attractive interest rates. Taking a loan is a long-term commitment and requires a financial plan to repay. As you put your asset at stake, you must go for a trusted lender and safeguard your wealth too. You can also use a mortgage loan calculator to find the right amount, tenure, and EMI. 


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