Top 10 Things Students Need to Know before renting a room in Dundee

Top 10 Things Students Need to Know before renting a room in Dundee

Finding suitable accommodation is really important for international students who are coming to the UK to pursue their education. However, some may not even know how to initiate their search in a new country like Dundee. This article will guide students across what they require to know before they can rent a student accommodation which comprises of common accommodation options which are available across the UK as well as their respective advantages as well as disadvantages to help them fund the most amazing sanctuary away from home.  

What is located in the contract?  

Tenancy contracts tend to be long and they can be full of legal jargon. It is tempting to skip to the end as well as sign it. You can do it in a hurry to move. However, your contract is a legally binding document and it is where you can ask your landlord to do some particular things such as fix broken appliances and more. You need to make time to have your contract read over by someone who understands your study. This can be invaluable in ensuring that there are no loopholes. Your university, college, or the student’s union can offer them the best service.   

What is the state of your new home?  

When you first move in, the landlord needs to offer you a detailed inventory of one’s  student accommodation in Dundee. This needs to cover every room and also all of the furniture as well as fittings. You need to state what condition they are in. If you did not get one, it is important to do your own and also send it to the agent or the landlord. If you get an inventory but are not happy with it, you need to talk with the letting agent straight away and include all the evidence of your claims. You need to take photographs and send a copy to the agent or the landlord.  

Why do you need to pay the security deposit?  

Before you go to a new place, you are required to pay a security deposit. This is generally six weeks rent which has been withheld until the end of the contract in case there are any overdue payments or in the case when you damage the property.  

Before you move into your Dundee student accommodation, you’ll be required to pay a security deposit. This is generally six weeks’ rent, withdrawn until the end of your contract in case there are any late payments or problems in the property. Ensure your estate agent or the property agent has put the deposit money in a protected scheme and also show you the evidence. If your property owner has removed unreasonably high charges at the end of your tenure, you also have the right to encounter them. 

How much fees do you pay?  

The law on letting ages fee which different from one place to another across the UK. In England as well as Wales, they tell you about the fees they charge upfront on the website and in the offices. But in Northern Ireland, this is not required, but you need to ask. However, fees can differ hugely and it can affect your cost of living. In Scotland, it is against the law for all the agents to charge fees. 

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Are your valuable insured?   

When you are moving to a new place, you carry many valuables. It is worth protecting yourself in case the worst happens. It is important to invest in content insurance for the valuables that you keep in your room like your phone, laptop, camera, and more.   

Is the landlord accredited?  

Many landlords have a wide range of best student accommodation in Dundee specifically to let to students, but some of them are acknowledged for ripping them off. Here you can find different local authorities as well as student union-run best practice schemes which comprise landlords who have signed up to a code of conduct so that you can check online. Your student’s union needs to operate its own not-for-profit lettings agent that only uses vetted landlords.  

Will you get disturbed?  

The landlord offers around 24 hours’ notice before they can access the property. You have no obligation to let them in if they have not provided any proper notice. Keiller Court Dundee is one of the best properties. 

Have you checked the energy performance certificate?  

Before you sign the contract, you need to sign any tenancy agreement. It is important to provide you with an indication of how energy-efficient your home is. This can have a big impact on the cost of the energy bills.

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Know about the rules of eviction? 

It is also important to understand the eviction rules. Go through the agreement well to know about the rules and if you do not agree on something then you can get changed.  

Have you joined a tenant’s network?  

The local areas generally have organized groups of private tenants who work together to campaign on the issues, offer advice and support, and also act as a representative body. You need to find out if there is any such group or not. 


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