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Tips and tricks to find low-cost flights for your study abroad journey

Obtain inexpensive plane tickets for your study abroad trip to Liverpool. Travelling overseas seems complicated at first but if you approach the process step-by-step, it will become less difficult. Not to mention that you’ve already committed a sizeable sum of money to pay for your programme fees and deposits for the best student accommodation in Liverpool, it’s understandable that you’re beginning to have financial difficulties. It’s time to arrange your study abroad travel, and once more, your wallet is aching. 

We have created an extensive guide on low-cost student flights to assist, covering every aspect from take-off to landing as well as the parts that come before and after. 

Release the Magic of the Student ID

Your student ID may be your golden ticket to cheap flights in addition to being your pass to the library! Students can take advantage of exclusive fares offered by numerous airlines and travel firms. Keep your ID on hand and visit websites such as Student Universe, STA Travel, and others to find low-cost flights for students if you’re wondering how to apply for student discounts on flights. 

Accept Adjustable Trip Schedules

Being flexible with your trip dates can help you save a lot of money if you’re not constrained by rigorous academic timetables. For students, midweek flights are frequently less expensive than weekends, and shoulder seasons—the time between peak and off-peak seasons—can be quite beneficial to your pocketbook. 

Enrol in frequent flyer programmes

SkyTeam, OneWorld, and Star Alliance—you should be aware of these names even though you’ve probably never heard of them. You can earn miles through these airline agreements and apply those points towards discounted or even free tickets for your upcoming international trip.  

Make online purchases via airline portals

Unbeknownst to you, you can earn miles for your upcoming travel by using a variety of purchasing portals from several airlines. For instance, United Airlines’ MileagePlus Shopping programme. The next time you (or your parents) need to buy anything generic online, verify if the shopping portal associated with the airline frequent flyer programme you joined sells that particular item!  

Take Into Account Other Airports

Check whether there are other airports nearby before making travel plans. There are occasions when travelling from India to a smaller airport can result in substantial savings. Furthermore, you might find undiscovered treasures in less visited places. 

Snooping on Social Media

Follow travel companies and airlines on Twitter and other social media sites. For student flight tickets, they frequently announce flash bargains and exclusive offers, enabling you to book your ideal trip at an incredible discount. 

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Limelight Liverpool 

Liverpool’s Limelight is a gorgeous dorm for students that has clubs and suits. The home is a student favourite because it’s only a 6-minute walk from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and a 13-minute walk from the University of Liverpool. Excellent amenities are provided in every room of Limelight Liverpool. A cosy bed, a study table, a bookshelf, drawers, a closet, and lots of storage space are all included in the roomy bedroom. The establishment offers free high-speed WiFi, bike storage, and CCTV monitoring. 

Paddington Park House 

Paddington Park House is a fantastic student residence located in Liverpool, offering a selection of contemporary apartments with private bathrooms. Long travels to universities are reduced by the property’s proximity to the University of Liverpool (10 minutes by foot) and Liverpool International College (5 minutes by car). There are numerous common areas in the building, including study and lounge areas, as well as on-site laundry facilities. Students can live in safety and comfort at Paddington Park House Liverpool because to its round-the-clock security and committed on-site staff. 

Prospect Point

Prospect Point is a high-end student accommodation in Liverpool that provides accommodations fit for a king. For students who wish to immerse themselves in Liverpool’s vibrant student community, rich history, and cultural legacy, this is the ideal option. The excellent location of Prospect Point Liverpool makes it simple to get to a lot of colleges, eateries, cafes, pubs, and retail locations. The resort provides students with first-rate amenities and a secure living environment. 

In addition, several shared facilities are provided by the property, such as bike storage, recycling, laundry, contents insurance, on-site maintenance support, an onsite service crew, and car parking (for an additional fee). All residents have access to communal areas with Wi-Fi. 


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