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Top 10 Tech Stack Used to Develop Android App in 2024

In this landscape of mobile app development, choosing the right technology stack for your app  is crucial. As an Android app development company, being updated with the latest tools and frameworks to  deliver high-quality, feature-rich apps that meet client expectations and user demands. In this article we have explored the top 10 tech stacks used by leading Android app development company  create cutting-edge mobile experiences.

1. Kotlin

Kotlin has arisen as the favored programming language which is mostly used by leading and best Android app development company . Offering current elements, consistent interoperability with Java, and upgraded wellbeing, Kotlin permits engineers to compose succinct and expressive code, bringing about quicker advancement cycles and improved application execution.

2.Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a set-up of libraries, instruments, and direction given by Google to speed up Android application improvement. Jetpack parts like LiveData, ViewModel, and Room work on normal undertakings like taking care of lifecycle occasions, overseeing UI parts, and getting to neighborhood information bases, empowering designers to assemble vigorous and viable applications with less standard code.

3. Retrofit

Retrofit is a strong HTTP client library for Android and Java that makes it simple to consume Soothing APIs. With its natural grammar and backing for offbeat organization demands, Retrofit works on network correspondence in Android applications, working with consistent information trade between the application and backend administrations.

4.Dagger 2

Dagger 2 is a reliance infusion structure for Android and Java that deals with the conditions of an application in a perfect and secluded manner. By decoupling parts and advancing code reusability, Knife 2 empowers designers to compose adaptable and testable code, prompting more straightforward upkeep and quicker advancement cycles.


RxJava is a receptive programming library for creating nonconcurrent and occasion based programs utilizing recognizable successions. By giving strong administrators to taking care of nonconcurrent assignments, RxJava works on simultaneousness and occasion driven programming in Android applications, bringing about additional responsive and versatile applications.


Firebase is a complete mobile app development stage given by Google that offers many instruments and administrations for building excellent applications. From ongoing information base and verification to cloud informing and examination, Firebase furnishes engineers with all that they need to create, convey, and develop effective Android applications rapidly and proficiently.


Skim is a quick and productive picture stacking library for Android that works on the method involved with stacking and reserving pictures from different sources like URLs, nearby capacity, and content suppliers. With its instinctive Programming interface and high level elements like programmed memory and circle storing, Float assists designers with streamlining picture stacking execution and convey a smooth client experience.


Room is a SQLite object planning library given by the Android Jetpack, which makes it simple to work with neighborhood data sets in Android applications. By offering a more elevated level deliberation over crude SQL inquiries, Room smooth out data set tasks like information control, questioning, and relocation, pursuing it an ideal decision for building disconnected fit and information driven Android applications.


ButterKnife is a view restricting library for Android that improves on the most common way of getting to and controlling UI components in an action or piece. By killing the requirement for standard code related with findViewById() calls, ButterKnife decreases code verbosity and improves code intelligibility, prompting cleaner and more viable UI code.

10.Material Plan Parts

Material Plan Parts (MDC) is an assortment of UI parts and rules given by Google to assist engineers with building outwardly engaging and steady Android applications. By integrating MDC parts like buttons, cards, and route drawers into their applications, engineers can make instinctive and great UIs that stick to find out about’s plan standards and upgrade the general client experience.

All in all, picking the right tech stack is fundamental for Android app development company to fabricate fruitful and serious applications in the present market. By utilizing the force of Kotlin, Android Jetpack, Retrofit, and other driving advancements, engineers can make top notch Android applications that meet client assumptions and drive business development.


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