Unlocking Bone Health: The Surprising Benefits of Density Scans

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Scans are one of the most important tools that are used by the healthcare professionals to look for any type of problem going inside the body or to check for the normal functioning of the human body. These scans are images of the human body or parts that are highly detailed and can give us information about the internal structure of the body organs such as heart, bone, liver, lungs etc. Without such scans it would be really hard for the doctors to diagnose problems since they won’t be able to look inside the body of the patient.

Different types of scans like X-rays, CT Scan, V/Q scans etc. are being done around the world to look for problems that are going inside the different body organs. One of the most important organs of the human body is known as the bone. As we know that every adult human has 206 bones present in the body and there could be many problems that can be related to the bones. As bones provide strength and power to the body without healthy bones it’s very hard for individuals to do daily tasks like walking and even doing house chores. In this article we’ll talk about bones and scans like bones density CT Scan that can be used to detect problems going inside the bones.

Bones and their function:

Bones can be considered as living tissues as they keep on remodeling. A child in his early years has a lot more bones than an adult and by the process of remodeling the number of bones reduces to 206. These bones provide an overall structure to the body and support the body. Moreover, bones also help in protecting organs like the ribs protect the lungs and also with the help of these bones we are able to move our body.

What is Bone Density Scan?

Bone density scan is a modified type of X-ray scan. It is also known as the DEXA scan which stands for dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan. In this scan X-rays are directed towards the bones and the amount of the radiation absorbed by the bones is noted. This can tell us about the density of the bones as the bones should have a specific density to consider them healthy. The information that is extracted from such scans can be used to make diagnosis for cases like osteoporosis and the risk of fractures a person has.

Benefits of a DEXA  scan

DEXA  scan is a blessing for people with bone diseases as well as individuals in old age. Some of the benefits of a DEXA  scan are given below:

  • Individuals at high risk

There are certain individuals who are at a higher risk of developing bone diseases due to the prevalence of such diseases within the family. They have special genes present in their body that codes for future chances of a bone disease. By getting a DEXA  scan, one can monitor the condition of the bones of a high-risk patient.

  • Non-invasive 

The non-invasive nature of the DEXA  scan is what makes it acceptable and popular these days. It increases patient compliance due to less chances of discomfort. In this way, people are willing to keep a check on their bone health. 

  • Early diagnosis

One of the benefits of monitoring bone health is the early diagnosis of certain bone diseases like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc. Timely detection can help individuals prevent any further damage to bones with early signs of a disease. 

  • Timely treatment of fractures

A DEXA  scan can help detect fracture sites so you can provide them with special care and treat them better with specialized care for specific fractures. This helps heal the fractures quite quickly.

  • Prevention of complications

Timely detection of bone issues using a bone density scan can help individuals face less complications. Poor bone density may lead to weaker bones which leads to more fractures and complications resulting in a poor lifestyle.

  • Helpful for post-menopausal women

Women in their old age, especially ones going through weak bones and bone diseases like osteoporosis due to menopause, can be in so much pain. To avoid any chances of low bone density in such a scan, one can always opt for a scan every. Few months. 


To summarize, bone density scans have changed the way we look at scans now. Hence, it is crucial to look for good quality bone scans. ViaScan of Las Colinas provides excellent labs for bone density scans. They provide you with a high resolution image of your bones for better understanding and diagnosis of bone diseases. Hence, allowing for timely detection and treatment of your bones. In this way, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and bone health for a longer time.


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