Unveiling London’s Magic: Top Things to Do in the City

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London is a vibrant city, known as the centre of modern innovation. From ancient businesses to modern tech startups, London has started disrupting the world like no other city. Its 10 million residents paint a beautiful picture of the city, from running small businesses to doing amazing jobs and everything in between. London is a city always oozing with energy that you can explore using London city airport transport. Whether you are a historian, a student, a frequent traveller, or a business person, here are a few things you can explore using London city airport taxi.

Immerse Yourself in History

Here are some historically amazing and culturally realistic icons.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a fortress that seems as if it is about to get live with its soldiers and warriors. It used to be a royal prison, and an execution site where enemies were executed. You can see the marvel of the Crown Jewels and explore the Yeoman Warders.

Westminster Abbey

A place known for its spectacular coronations and royal weddings, the Westminster Abbey holds true to its centuries old traditions. The Gothic architecture and the tombs of legendary figures are surely going to mesmerise you.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Royal Family. For decades, this is where Queen Elizabeth the Second used to live, until her death. And that’s when her son Charles became the King. You can book an official visit to Buckingham Palace at a reasonable rate.

Explore World-Renowned Museums

London is home to the world’s most breathtaking museums as the history of England is woven in its expeditions all across the globe.

British Museum

From Rosetta Stone to the Egyptian mummies, and the numerous treasures that the British brought with themselves from different parts of the world, feast your eyes with marvellous creations.

National Gallery

Are you a fan of Western European art? If not, you need to become one. Enjoy the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo or explore some lesser known paintings from other artists.

Natural History Museum

Dinosaur skeletons and the marvellous diversity of life on Earth, visit the Natural History Museum and get awestruck by the giant bones of ancient creatures.

Embrace London’s Creative Spirit

Done with history? Now onto the arts.

West End Theatre

From plays to musicals, there is something that satisfies the musical taste buds for everyone at the West End Theatre.

Covent Garden

It is time to relax at the lush green gardens, take a stroll in the park, and enjoy coffee at the lake side.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Who doesn’t love magic? If yes, then you would enjoy the magical world of Harry Potter. Witness how Warner Bros. produced modern Hollywood’s best creation, the Harry potter.

Unwind and Revel in London’s Charm

Now let’s hop on to London’s charm.

Hyde Park

It is time to set aside from the hustle and bustle of london city airport taxi and enjoy some time relaxing in the peaceful green oasis of Hyde Park. From renting a bike to enjoying a picnic beneath the trees with friends and family members near the Serpentine Lake, you will never get bored at this giant tourist spot. Enjoy the afternoon tea that the British are famous for. We are sure you will absolutely love it.

Borough Market

Fresh, locally produced organic food at reasonable prices. If this is something you had always been dreaming of, then Borough market is the perfect place for you.

Planning Your London Adventure

From private car hire vehicles to London airport taxi transfers, mini cabs and pre-booked taxis, you can visit all of the above places comfortably in London. If you haven’t yet, we would strongly recommend you to book a comfortable ride using Elite Airport Transfer and witness the best of the city.


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