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What Does 8 Of Wands Mean In Tarot Cards? – Candinata

If you want to know about the Eight of Wands Tarot card, then continue reading this article as it will help you with the same.

The house in the Eight of Wands Tarot card meaning stands for help and objectivity. There are many ways to understand this, but the main meaning is to keep in mind that your heart is your home as you work toward your goals. As you look at the mountains, they will always remind you of what you have accomplished and will also represent the solid ground from which you have risen.

Eight of Wands Tarot cards means movement, speed, action, growth, and more. In some situations, you should be careful and steady, but this tarot card suggests the opposite. Things are moving faster, and you might feel good about things. You’ve hoped for things to happen faster than you thought they would. So get ready for things to get worse. In this way, read this 8 of Wands tarot book and find out everything you need to know about this card.

Meaning Of 8 Of Wands In Tarot Card Reading

Below we have shared all the details about this card, and how to use it for Tarot reading purposes. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump right into it.

Eight Of Wands In Love And Relationship (Upright)

Your love tarot reading was a stroke of luck if this card showed up. According to the 8 of Wands, a new romance or spark in your partnership is on the horizon. Your relationship has probably become stale after all this time together. You and your sweetheart may have grown apart due to the absence of passion. But the love forecast for you and your lover from the upright 8 of Wands is that a fresh romantic wind is about to blow in.

Eight Of Wands In Love And Relationship (Reversed)

When it comes to relationships, that’s not the card to play. The increasing tide of misunderstandings and miscommunication between you and your lover is foretold by the love prophecies of the 8 of Wands. If you’re not in a committed relationship at the moment, this forecast can be relevant to your relationships with those you know and love. The two of you may get into a fight if they take your statements the wrong way. When this card shows up in a tarot reading about relationships and love, it’s a good reminder to watch what you say and consider the repercussions before speaking.

Eight Of Wands In Career (Upright)

In terms of professional advancement, the card portends quick action. The Eight of Wands, taken at face value, here stands for expansion and quick career advancement. In addition, it might be a sign that you’re about to go on a business-related tour or vacation. Having said that, don’t give up if it doesn’t. Regardless of context, the 8 of Wands represents a sense of fulfillment in one’s work. You have the confidence to achieve your goals and advance in your job when you feel this way.

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Eight Of Wands In Career (Reversed)

Two potential futures concerning your career are hinted at by this Minor Arcana card. One is that you’re tired of the same old work. Your enthusiasm for your work is dwindling, and you have no drive to keep going, which is depressing and frustrating. Missing out on fantastic work prospects in the past can be the cause of this feeling. There was an opportunity for you to progress in your career, but you passed it up.

Eight Of Wands In Health (Upright)

If this Minor Arcana card appears in your health reading, it’s a positive sign. In this context, the 8 of Wands stands for both physical vitality and inner calm. It seems like you will soon recover from whatever illness you may be experiencing, according to this card. There will soon be an end to all your suffering. Your health will soon be restored, and you will recover from your illness.

Eight Of Wands In Health (Reversed)

This reversed card from the Suit of Wands is just as unlucky for your health as the others. Dealing with health and wellness issues will be difficult, so be prepared. If the 8 of Wands is reversed, it means that you will face many difficulties before you get well, whether you are just learning about your condition or starting treatment. It’s possible that your health could deteriorate and the recovery process will take longer than expected, which can leave you feeling frustrated and disoriented.


Finally, the Eight of Wands is a card of growth, energy, and joy. It tells us to be determined to reach our goals, seize chances, and believe in our gut feelings. We can make our dreams come true by using the energy of the world and making sure that our deeds match our wishes. Don’t forget to enjoy the trip, stay focused, and pay attention to the time.


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