Graduation Day in the London

What is a Graduation Day in the London, United Kingdom? 

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Graduation day is basically the day when it celebrates the time, energy, and work that you have put into gaining your degree. This will provide you with a great chance to celebrate all that you have achieved. Without it, completing your education will not have that one big defining moment to remember for years to come. It is best to hand in your last assignment or put down the pen once you finish your last examination. But it just does not have that same excitement around it. This once-in-a-lifetime experience can provide you with the chance to dress up in a cap and gown. You can attend a ceremony that celebrates the enormity of your achievement while surrounded by friends, family as well as classmates. It is one of the best ways to highlight the end of an amazing chapter in one’s life. You can get ready at your student accommodation in London.  

Tips for preparing for the graduation ceremony 

Starting from the moment when the date of graduation Day has been announced to ensure everything is in place the day before the celebration starts. These tips can help you out:  

  • You need to keep a check on the mail or the university student portal to check the finalized date and venue of the graduation day.  
  • Make sure that you apply for the guest tickets as early to avoid any end-moment disappointment.  
  • Your university can encourage you to hire your gown as well as a graduation cap. It is up to you whether you want to rent the gown or buy one. Some people do buy graduation dresses to keep for recollections.  

What to do on a graduation day?  

You need to start this big day by getting ready in your graduation gown and cap. Next, you can travel to the venue along with the guests who will be mostly your family members. Once you come to this location, you will be separated from your family and then requested to arrive in a separate room with your friends. You can bring along your friend from student housing in London if your family is far away.  

The staff as well as the ceremony planners need to have the plan ready to get everyone in the ceremony room quickly and efficiently. You need to be sitting in this room along with the batchmates. Your guests will also get assistance in finding their seats. Now comes the most significant part of the day.  

Walking the stage on the graduation day 

You might have seen this scene a lot of times in the movies but you will be living it right now. Walking the stage is one of the most essential parts of the whole ceremony. Your entire row will be escorted to the foot of the stage where you will be asked to wait in line. Once it is time you hear your name, you need to go to the state, shake hands with the Chancellor, and get a photo clicked. This is the part of the ceremony when those who have come along with you are going to applaud.  They are also going to applaud you on this major accomplishment. If your friends from your best student accommodation in Londonare here, then they will surely applaud you.  

Here is the detailed step you need to follow:  

  • When your name and degrees are called, you are going to climb the stay.  
  • You will meet the chancellor at the stage. Always use your right hand to while shaking hands with the chancellor.  
  • Then you will get your diploma.  
  • Some universities will take photos of every student shaking hands with the chancellor. If you get the opportunity, stand and get the photo clicked.  
  • Then you will walk back to your seat and enjoy the rest of the ceremony.  

This moment is very special for every student as they will bring a conflict of emotions. This will reflect on your entire journey so day. You will be nervous, excited as well as happy at the same time. 

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Guidelines for graduation ceremony 

  • You do not get the chance to graduate every day. Graduation day is a lot more than just a celebration.  
  • Start your day by wearing your graduation cap and gown 
  • Travel to the location with your family member. Once you reach there, you will sit with your classmates and your family will sit with each other’s parents. Even if you come with your friends from your accommodation like iQ East Court London, they also have to sit  
  • The staff and ceremony organizers will have a strategy for quickly and effectively getting everyone into the ceremony space.  
  • Your visitors will get seat selection assistance. There is also a limitation on the number of guests which one brings.


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