What is the hardest United Kingdom university to get into? 

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It is important to have all the information you require before you can start the application process while moving to the UK. There are British universities which are quite selective. You can easily prepare if you are aware of the acceptance rate of the universities. In this blog, you can identify the hardest UK universities to get into along with the qualifications you will need to be one of the few students accepted for the upcoming academic year. So, here are some of the hardest UK universities to get into.  

Though many students cannot make it to the hardest UK universities, they get into other universities across the UK. Coventry is one such place. If you are planning to move to Coventry, then you need to book student accommodation in Coventry.  

The University of St. Andrews 

The acceptance rate at The University of St. Andrews is 8.35%. This university was established in the year 1413 and it is located in St. Andrews Scotland. After Oxford and Cambridge, this public university is the third-oldest in the UK. The renowned St. Andrews is made up of several colleges and institutions which are meant to offer a wide range of programs. They have steadily grown over the past six centuries into a top-tier university that now accepts students from different parts of the world. The university boasts one of the most varied student bodies across the UK.  

The University of Cambridge 

The acceptance rate at The University of Cambridge is around 20.8%. The University of Cambridge is the next institution on the list of hardest UK universities to get into. It is the fourth-oldest university in the world and the second-oldest in the UK. This university was founded in the year 1209. All the applicants are evaluated on a wide range of criteria and those who do well get in the program. As a result, the acceptance rate is the second-lowest rate across the UK.  

London School of Economics 

The acceptance rate at the London School of Economics is around 21.9%. The London School of Economics which is known as the LSE was formed in the year 1985 and also started offering degree programs in the year 1901 as part of the University of London. This Westminster-based institution has around 11,000 students who enrol in different programs. The vast majority of them are from countries other than the UK. It has accepted students from different 155 countries which make it one of the region’s ethnically diverse colleges. They have more than 70% international students which is the second-highest percentage of any university across the world.  

University of Oxford 

This is another popular university and thus getting into it is hard. The acceptance rate at the University of Oxford is around 19.37%. This university was founded in the year 1096 and till now it holds the distinction of being one of the world’s most ancient and esteemed institutions of higher learning. This university is nestled in the charming city of Oxford and the university boasts an interesting history. They are known for their esteemed faculty members and also prestigious alumni network which offers a diverse spectrum of academic fields. If you get into this university and can’t find a budget-friendly student accommodation nearby, then it is best to book Coventry student accommodation. 

Imperial College London 

Imperial College London was established in the year 1907 and they have maintained an enduring legacy of academic distinction, technological advancement as well as pioneering research. Located in the heart of London, this college draws in a diverse and also exceptionally talented student cohort from different parts of the world.  

University of Edinburgh 

The acceptance rate at The University of Edinburgh is around 11.7% and it stands as a prestigious institution since the year 1583. It is nestled within the historic as well as culturally vibrant city of Edinburgh. They have a legacy of academic achievement. This university has solidified its position as a worldwide frontrunner not in just research but also in education. 

King’s College London 

King’s College London is one of the best colleges which offer students with top-notch education. founded in the year 1829, this college has earned acclaim for its exceptional education and research endeavours. The institution offers students a wide array of undergrad and postgrad programs that span different fields of study. The university places a strong emphasis on its academic distinction, and global perspective and is also dedicated to furthering knowledge.  

Final Thoughts  

It is really difficult to get into universities in the UK, however, if you are determined you can do anything. There are many student housing in Coventry. If you are planning to move here, then Red Queen Coventry is one of the best options to go with.


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