Why My Arlo Camera Won’t Connect to Base Station?

Why My Arlo Camera Won’t Connect to Base Station? Help!

All the Arlo cameras need a WiFi connection to work. With that said, you can either connect them to a base station or a WiFi router. However, it must be remembered that not all camera brought in by Arlo are capable of connecting to direct WiFi. Some can be configured with the base station only. But, there are scenarios when the Arlo camera won’t connect to base station which can be disappointing.

Are you also experiencing a similar issue with your Arlo devices? If you are, then you can rely on this troubleshooting guide. This post comprised of certain tips and tricks that can be used to fix the connectivity issue.

This is for your general information that the tips given here are completely applicable for fixing the Arlo camera not connecting to WiFi problem. Keep reading.

Reasons: Arlo Camera Not Connecting to Base Station

Apart from an internet-related issue from the backend, no internet connection at the base station (from the main router) is the most possible reason why your Arlo camera is not connecting to base station. Therefore, you should first rule out this possibility. For that, have a look at the LAN connection between the Base Station and the main router. If the cable is found damaged, get it replaced with a new one immediately. You are also suggested to create finger-tight connections. If everything is perfect, check out the below-given points to know other reasons:

Note: Do not forget to verify from your ISP and see if there is an internet connection problem from his end. Get it fixed if the problem is from his end.

Reason 1: Your camera is out of the range of the Base Station
Reason 2: The Base Station’s firmware is outdated.
Reason 3: The camera’s location is poor.
Reason 4: You are not following the correct steps on the Arlo app.

Troubleshooting: Arlo Camera Won’t Connect to Base Station

Since you are now familiar with the reasons causing the connectivity issue between your Base Station and the Arlo camera, you should walk through the below-given techniques to fix the issue. But, before that, you must reboot your devices. Start with the base station and complete the process at camera. Once done, follow these tips:

1. Place the Base Station and Camera Closer

Try reducing the distance between your camera and base station. It should not be too much as this won’t let your device communicate effectively. You should, however, avoid keeping both devices very close.

2. Update the Firmware of Base Station

Perform Arlo account login and see if the firmware of base station is outdated. If it is, then you are suggested to install the latest firmware version as soon as possible. You must know that the Arlo camera login and firmware update can be done in the same way as the base station using the Arlo Secure app.

3. Change the Location of the Camera

The camera should be placed under regulated temperatures. Consider checking the user manual of the product for the detailed operating environment conditions. Also, make sure that your camera is not surrounded with WiFi interference creating objects or devices. Do not make the camera aim through a window or transparent object.

4. Follow the Correct Steps to Connect Your Devices

There are chances that you are not following the correct steps to connect your Arlo security camera to the base station. Therefore, log in to the Arlo app and make sure that you do whatever the app asks you to in the correct pattern. If still your devices refuse to connect, consider syncing them manually.

The Conclusion

This was all that can be done from your end to fix the Arlo camera not connecting to base station issue. We are expecting that after taking the help of these tips, you will be able to address the problem.

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