Why my Orbi not connecting to internet

Here in this article, you will get to know about why your Orbi router and satellites are not receiving internet signals. We will provide reasons to find the real issue and solutions to solve issue straight away.

You have to note that the Orbi firmware is up to date after solving the problem. now, let’s start the article right away.

Reasons Why Orbi not Connected to Internet

There can be several minor causing factors why your Orbi is not receiving internet. Take a look at a list of reasons we have provided in this article.

  • The first and foremost reason for the problem is modem to Orbi router link through the Ethernet cable. It can be wrongly established.
  • By using damaged cables like power cord to supply power and Ethernet cable for connection will also cause the similar problem.
  • The Electromagnetic waves can interrupt WiFi router signals in your house, which can cause by electronic devices. So this also can be a reason of the mentioned problem.
  • If you have not configured or manage the router settings yet, then you will definitely face this kind of the internet problem.

So, these were some possible reasons why your router is not receiving internet signals. Now, have a look how to troubleshoot this mentioned problem with the help of some tips and solutions.

Solutions to Solve Internet Connection Problem

We will provide simple to apply five solutions that you can use to dispel the internet not connecting to the router.

Make Router to Modem Link Strong

Modem to router link is the most important thing that you must check and make sure it is correct. Cable modem connects to the ISP and then router connects to the modem with the help of Ethernet cable.

You have to make sure the cable is inserted to the router’s WAN port and other end should connect to the modem’s LAN port.

Change Damaged Ethernet Cable

Damaged cables like Ethernet and power cord can interrupt electricity as well as internet connectivity. So, you should check the cables connected to the router and modem, and if you find any cut on the cables then disconnect it. You have to replace it with a new one.

Make Sure Router is Configure

The router should be configured, if you want to use the fast internet service from the router. You can easily adjust the router settings and networks by accessing the Orbi devices interface. Just connect the computer to the router, and search the URL orbilogin.net IP address in the web browser.

Enter the login credentials and reach to the router interface. Here, you can update firmware and manage the settings and networks.

Reboot Orbi Devices

If you refresh the settings and system of the WiFi router, then the problem can dispel. You can do this by rebooting the router.

  1. Find the power button the device.
  2. Press it twice to initiate restart process.

Reset If Problem is Not Solved

If you are not seeing any progress by applying above given tips, then you have to reset the router device. To reset, you have to follow simple instructions.

  1. Find the RESET pinhole button at the back of the router.
  2. Use a pin to give it a long press and the reset process will start.

But, after reset, all settings will be deleted and you have to re-configure the settings of the Orbi device.

End Thoughts

Here, in this article, you have to seen and read reasons why your Orbi is not connecting to internet. we have provided simple to apply tips and solutions to solve the internet problem.


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