Why Plymouth is the Best to Choose for Higher Studies

Why Plymouth is the Best to Choose for Higher Studies? 

Plymouth is one of the smallest but perfectly formed cities where you can find a lot of things to offer to the students. Plymouth has also been voted as the second-safest place to stay in Britain. The University of Plymouth has also ranked amongst the top 2% across the world. There are many more things which can attract you to this beautiful city.

Top Reasons to Choose Plymouth for Higher Studies

1. It is one of the safest places to stay:

It has been mentioned already, but let’s dig in more. Moving to a new city can be scary, but Plymouth is one of the warmest and friendliest of everything. Especially now all the pirates have lost into history. The city regularly gets voted as one of the safest places to stay in Britain in the national surveys. It is quite safe and you can roam around in the night without much worry. Even the student accommodation in Plymouth is quite safe. You don’t have to think about any kind of burglary.

2. Best and benign place to party:

For those occasions when your study schedule allows you for an sunset relaxation, Plymouth’s entertainment is there to meet you with open arms. The campus is surrounded by bars as well as clubs with a wide range of events every night of the week. Plymouth student accommodation is right across the center of these, by the way. This means you are located in the walking distance of areas such as Sutton Harbour which has a wide range of club and pub action to offer.

3. A budget-friendly city:

Plymouth knows how to make sure that the students in the salty sea air contented and astonishing. For example, when it comes to eating, there is a wide range of budget-friendly options to select from, such as the best meals at the Student Union. You can also find different places across the city happy to knock a few quid off the bill when you offer some of the best discount cards. The Reservoir Plymouth is one of the cost-effective options to go with.

4. Study by the sea:

Are you drawn to the ocean? Plymouth is about as close as you can get while you stay dry, safe, and also near your favorite food joint. The smell of salt is always there in the air, and the sound of the waves is what you can hear. It is an atmospheric background to your studies. If you close your eyes at night, you can feel that you are swimming in the sea.

5. A cozy campus:

When woken up late as you have been studying all night? No problem, because at the Beckley Point, you are around the corner from the campus. This means that you can never be fat from any of the lectures, seminars, or tutorials. Even your lazy mate will not bother getting a bus. you do not have to travel to different parts of the city for different lectures either, the campus is all based on one site. Now you will never be late for your lectures.

6. The Barbican:

This is one of the historic areas of Plymouth and it is a real must-see. With more than a hundred listing buildings and beautiful cobbled streets to provide you with a limp, it has got something for everyone. The perfect place to take visiting family and experience the real beauty of this city.

7. Water activities:

As you all are now aware the sea is right next to Plymouth, it is time to get wet with one of the different watersports clubs at the university. you can try scuba diving, underwater photography, windsurfing, and more. it is one of the best ways to see the city as well as the surrounding coastline.

8. Food scene:

Want to try out some amazing seafood? Then this city is perfect for you. Here you can try out the best fish and chips which you can get 5 minutes from your student housing in Plymouth. Seafood is one of the best things which you can get over here. however, there is something or the other for everyone’s taste. There are a wide range of cafes, bars, as well as restaurants like the Toot which can offer some of the best vegetarian and vegan options too.

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